Land Use Management Phase 2

United States

Watershed and Environmental Impact

When it comes to farming, farmers use pesticides and fertilizers. The usage of these chemicals negatively affect the watershed quality as it changes the freshwater to an unusable impure water. Agriculture causes harmful levels of pathogens, they cause green house gases which are made up of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Although agriculture causes 10% of the green house gases in the atmosphere, it still effects the environment negatively. Cows, agricultural soils, and rice production are a part of green house gas production.

Sustainable use practices

Make use of Renewable Energy Sources: The first and the most important practice is the use of alternate sources of energy. Use of solar, hydro-power or wind-farms is ecology friendly.Farmers can use solar panels to store solar energy and use it for electrical fencing and running of pumps and heaters. Running river water can be source of hydroelectric power and can be used to run different machines on farms. (in almost the same way), farmers can use (realted to the heat deep in the earth) heat pumps to dig beneath the earth and can take advantage of earth's heat.