29 Acres

Services For The Full Spectrum of Autism

What Are We Doing At 29 Acres?

At 29 Acres we offer a system of supports to meet the needs of a broad range of autism.

Here are just a few of the things we do everyday to help make a difference for someone living with a neurodiversity.

  • We help with finding employment
  • We help with friendships and getting to know their new roomies
  • We help build independence while being available to mentor, guide, support & love
  • We help to strengthen self esteem & build confidence.
  • We encourage healthy lifestyles while showing appreciation for the value of nature
  • We encourage them to try new things and to innovate
  • We help to keep them safe
  • We take data and look at outcomes

To learn more about our services you can check out our brochure below, visit https://29acres.org/programs/ or reach out to connect@29acres.org!

Check Out The Data From Our Transition Academy Program!

Transition Academy is a two year residential program for adults on the spectrum who are motivated to live independently and gain employment. They learn independent life skills in the classroom and apply them in the home. This is the success from our first graduating class of Transition Academy, with data taken before and after the program.
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We Have Transition Resources!

We would like to support you and your students/clients by offering our help and resources! We can develop virtual trainings and educational presentations based on the need you are seeing in your community. We can do parent/family training, transition tips for families, staff training presentations, and an overview of our support services.

If you are interested in arranging a virtual training or presentation please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Katelynn Andregg, at connect@29acres.org.
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