Stick it

Michelle alston

My Obstacle

I was always gymnastic ever since I could walk I would roll. I was eight when I fractured my jaw in 3 places while landing a front tuck. I was afraid of what could happen once my injury healed, like if I could be a gymnastics and how it would effects what my coaches tried to teach me.

Motto that kept me Going

Haley Graham: " The only reason I'm doing these tricks, is because someone said 'I don't care if this is nuts, and I don't care if it hurts. I'm gonna climb this insanely high mountain. Watch me.' And when you're the first to climb a new mountain in gymnastics, they name it after you. A Gienger, a Rufolva, a Tchusovitina, a Shaposhnakova. They all rocked. And we salute you."

Lesson disguised as a blessing

The Details

"Mr.paul was waiting for me by the un-even bars two sets that dropped into an ocean of foam blocks. Mr Paul looked at me with confidence and said " front tuck dismount land on feet.""

"...I remember thinking there's foam below you, you can't get hurt..."

"I heard Mr. Paul yell " stick it." The next thing I remember was Mr.Paul pulling me out of the foam pit. My jaw felt like a thousand needles were going in every time I tried to talk or move. Everyone was surrounding me and my mom like always was freaking out. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I looked down and saw blood running down my favorite leotard."

After my accident I never really wanted to do gymnastics as much I slowly grew away from it and my loved ones thank me for this. On a Monday I had to go with my mom to pick up some types of papers from the gym. I saw the uneven bars and wanted to go back on. Once I did the same routine and I stick the landing.

This taught me to not be afraid of falling because you may never know if you can stick the landing.