7th Grade Class

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Sharks Are Amazing

Sharks are amazing animals. Sharks are one of the biggest fish in the sea. All sharks are carnivores. The sister group of sharks are stingrays.They range in size from the Small Dwarf Lanternshark.

Sharks have five to seven gills on their head. They date back more than 420 million years. There are over 500 different species.They range in size from the Small Dwarf Lanternshark to the Great White shark.

Sharks are very powerful animals. Sharks are the biggest fish in the sea. There have been many shark attacks.

Super Man Vs Bat Man

The actors are Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil. The year it came out in theaters is 2016. The theme is team work, especially when Batman and Superman join and fight a big creator. It's PG-13. I liked it because Superman dies.

My Fav game

I like GTA as a game because of the cars and the races and being able to play games online with Wes and a lot of other friends. Playing the game is lots of fun especially when you have a mic to talk to other people online. Most of the kids you meet online just like to do races and drive around messing with other people and lobby with them. In GTA, my friends and I like to go and borrow money from stores forever, and not get chased by cops. When me and Wesly play, we go around and mess with people in my armoured car. In GTA, there is a story mode and a GTA online. The story mode is for people who don't have xbox live and can’t play online with friends.

Nursery rhyme

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall after a long walk home. He lost his balance and had a great fall. The King's men tried to put him together and couldn’t. Then girls came and the more they cried, the more he got put together. The horses men came back and put him together.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Final Trailer (2016) - Ben Affleck Superhero Movie HD
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