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Pot Luck Dinner planning

Pot Luck Dinners

At our recent survey the consensus of opinion was that we continue to have weekly pot luck dinners weekly

The feedback also said we need to share out the work


We would like to hold a special meeting of the FFF wider leadership group on Sunday April 10 @ 3.30 pm so as to discuss, decide and implement the plan

The solution that I see we could put in place was modeled by Bryan and team last evening

Each week we have a team [with a leader] of 4 or 5 arrive at 3.30 to cook 2 key dishes to serve 50 people

  • Meat or Chicken type dishes
  • Rice or Potato dish


  • We each bring as part of the pot-luck salad, veges. fruit or cake

Negin will oversee the rosters and make sure it comes together

The team leader will be responsible for making it happen [shopping, coordination, cooking]

This sunday we need to agree or otherwise on this plan

We need to manage the PLDinner this coming week but after that we flow into the agreed plan

Please ring or email me with any further comments

Blessings and have a great day as we go to work and pray : who Lord can I touch today for the your Kingdom"

FFF CBD Auckland

Please make a point of being at the TAB at 3.30 pm this Sunday

if you can not make it please email me your thoughts