Warriors "The Sight"

Three Kits, destined to help there clan!

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Meet the three warriors of the ThunderClan here! Click the links below, I got the pictures from the links, also go see each of these cats backrounds!

My Opinion on the book

One interesting thing about this book, is how the author is able to give traits to a cat that a human could have. The author gives the cats decisions and different kinds of clans (that are almost like different tribes). I also like how the author shows and emphasizes the emotion of one character. Especially the cat Jaykit who shows a lot of expressions of how he feels, towards the beginning he feels like hes useless to be part of the team because he knows he will never be able to be a warrior with his two other siblings. Instead he finds a new interest in being an medicine cat for the ThunderClan.

Warriors "The Sight" Paragraph #1

My opinion about the book is far is great. I like the book so far because it gives the animals the chance to give the readers there thoughts. There are three main characters that are about little kittens, Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit. They are the age in their clan to become apprentices. To become apprentices they will have to pick a type of an apprentice. All three kits have the desire to help serve there clan as warriors. Once they become warriors they will be able to look out for there clan and leave and start exploring. In conclusion, I think greatly of this book and wish to continue reading on.

Warriors "The Sight" Paragraph #2

One connection about this book is, when I compare myself to one of the main characters in the book. His name is Jaykit. I like to compare myself and connect to him because sometimes I feel like I am able to do more than what I'm capable of doing. Jaykit is discouraged of being a warrior because he is blind. He was then told to find a new interest. He then got a new interest of being a medicine cat. In conclusion, I am able to connect with Jaykit from the book "Warriors, The Sight"

Warriors "The Sight" Paragraph #3

My prediction is that all three kittens will become what they want to exceed to be. I think that Jaykit will exceed to become a medicine cat while his brother and sister, Lionkit and Hollykit will become excellent warriors. Another prediction of mine, is that Jaykit is going to be a special medicine cat than Leafpool, the current medicine cat for the ThunderClan. I think that because, Jaykit is blind so he will be able to sniff out special antidotes for treating other cats. On the other hand, I think that Lionkit and Hollykit will be great warriors that will be able to protect their clan. In conclusion, I think all three kits will be successful as they become apprentices.

Watch the video below to see all the characters from the book!

Warriors - The Sight(Newest opening)