Delirium Cry Baby

Because love is something to cry about

Movie Review

The new hit book Delirium by Lauren Oliver is finally coming to the big screen! This movie is going to be filled with adventure,excitement,and lots of drama. The main character Lena Halloway is a young girl working in a hardware store,people in the beginning of the book might describe her as a rule follower. However her friend is completely the opposite of Lena,her name is Hana Tate she is a rebel and never follows the rules.
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Advice column

Dear Carolyn Hax- My mom has been really stressed lately and she has said that she can’t sleep or eat very well. She has gone to the doctor, the doctor said that she was fine and that there was nothing wrong with her. He suggested that maybe she has a lot of stress and needs to find a way to help get rid of it.

From Concerned son

Dear Concerned son- You should have her take a warm bath. Afterwards lay her down and have her drink something warm and for her to go to sleep. If that doesn’t work have her go back to the doctor and ask them to prescribe some stress pills to help her

From Carolyn Hax

Future Art Conflict

The conflict in the book Delirium