Keep BOOKING Pop Ups

We are winning the challenge!!

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April POPS

GUESS WHAT????? We are KILLING it for pop ups booked this month!!! We were just named the TOP team for bookings on Fri, Sat and Sunday!!!! I am so proud, KEEP IT UP!!!! We have over 45 booked for April so far and we need 100 on the books. I know YOU can do it!!! Let's keep up the momentum so we can WIN the HIGH FLIERS CONTEST!!!!!! Remember, even if you are NOT coming to SOAR you want our team to win because we will bring ALL the deets back HERE!!!!!! So keep booking those POPS!!!!

***WHAT do we WIN???? The DMM + MM teams with the most April Pop-Up’s booked by April 10th will earn High Flyer status and be awarded with an unforgettable VIP treatment at SOAR. In order for a Pop-Up to qualify it must receive a minimum of 3 orders by April 30th.
- Reserved VIP seating at all SOAR sessions for the entire team
- Exclusive SOAR goodie bag for each team member filled snacks + treats
- VIP Breakfast on Saturday + Sunday in the SOAR Suite
- One SOAR Swag bag per team!! xo

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