Morgan Ouren's bucket list

April 2015

#1-flash mob

I would like to be a part of a flash mob. Physical and Chemical weathering and erosion caused the land to be nice enough to dance on
BEST FLASH MOB (my opinion)

#2-ziplining- Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to go ziplining in Las Vegas, Nevada. I would take my brothers with me so that they would make sure I didn't chicken out. physical weathering and erosion caused the mountains to be the way they are so now, people can zipline.
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#3-Float in the Dead Sea-Israel

I would like to float in the dead sea.because of the high concentration of salt and other chemicals in the water, human bodies are much more buoyant. This is physical weathering and erosion because the sea was carved and eroded from water.
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#4-Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef-Australia

I would like to scuba dive in the great barrier reef in Australia to see all of the cool plants and animals. Physical weathering and erosion caused the water to carve out the land so that scuba diving is possible.
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#5-visit every continent

I would like to set foot on each continent. I would have Annabel Klemm travel with me. Physical and chemical weathering and erosion caused the land to be the way it is so that people can travel places.
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