Filippo Brunelleschi

Emily O'Keefe


Brunelleschi was born in 1377 in Florence Italy. He remained in Florence most of is life, he trained as a goldsmith and got job opportunities throughout Florence for his master work. Filippo always loved to draw when he was growing up he developed interest in technical innovation.


Filippo Brunelleschi grew up with both a mother and father, his father was a public official in Florence and his mother worked in the house and has relations to rich families. Brunelleschi did start out his life as a goldsmith and eventually became an architect and designed the Cathedral in Florence. He was very good at drawing and designing buildings one of his most famous pieces was the Piazza San Giovanni. Brunelleschi had a few patrons two of which were Donatello and Medici.

Santo Spirito (Florence, Italy) Dome

The Santo Spirito was created in 1436 and was not finished until 1482. You can find this dome in Florence Italy, This dome is so significant because after the fall of Rome all files were burned on how to build a dome and Brunelleschi figured out how to make one. This is one of the domes he made in his time and it is significant that he figured out how to make a dome and not only did he figure out how to build them he was the architect on all of his buildings. He used his own ideas and drawings on the buildings he designed and came used different colors to make the Spirito so beautiful.

The Building of the Dome

This dome is interesting to me because the process to build this Dome was a long hard process that took 46 years to build. During the building of this Dome he had to stop and make sure that it would not concave, his architecture couldn't fail because he did not want to disappoint his patrons. I think that Brunelleschi was very intelligent and his work was very impressive and it caught my eye when we watched the Medici family video.