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Work in projects with AIESEC in Cali

Hi! I'm Brenda Barreiro, IR Manager of AIESEC in Cali, Colombia. I'm the responsible for the match process for our GCDP opportunities We Speak, Step by Step and Boteritos. I wanted to share our opportunities with you through this mail because I think some of your EPs might be interested on our projects and it would be great to have them here!


This project is focused on working artistic activities with cognitive disabilities' children in order for them to be more comfortable with themselves and find their place in society. These children haven't had a contact with arts so the artistic activities include theather, music, handicrafts and/or even sports.
Here is the link on Expa:
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Step by Step: Healthy Bellies

Is a project that aims to improve lifestyle of a vulnerable communitity by developing activities related to sexual health, pegnancy, nutrition and physical activities with teenage mothers.
Another purpose of this project is that people get to know other cultures while opening their horizons.
You can find more information here:
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Step by Step: We Talk

Is a project that aims to improve lifestyle of a vulnerable communitity, unlike Healthy Bellies, We Talk focuses on children, working on languages and culture.
Children are between the age of 5 and 13 so of the purposes of this project, besides learning the basics on English, is that they start a continous learning process that distract them from their non-constructive environments.
You can find more information here:
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We Speak

This project strengthen process of teaching a second language through the implementation of activities that promote and foster opportunities in education.
This can be achieved by implementing activities in English, French, Italian or Portuguese.
Here is the link on Expa:

You can find in the booklet the basics on our projects here:

Finally, I invite you to check out some of the things our city has to offer your EPs by going to this page:

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