Virtual Resume

Shivam Bhatt

SMART goals

My academic SMART goal

S – I want to get a mark of 80% or higher in math class so I can get into a good university that requires math.

M – Every time I finish doing an equation or a word problem, I will ask my group members or my classmates if I did it correctly. I will soon be able to know if I’m doing an equation right and learn my mistakes.

A - I will practice my work every single day for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. I will ask my older brother for help since he is strong in mathematics. I will also ask Ms. Kwatra for help at the end of each class if I don’t understand a lesson. I will get help from other teachers and peers at least once a week.

R - Being able to get this mark will help me throughout high school and a lot in future because I’ll be strong at it.

T – I will try to achieve my goal by the end of grade 10.

My volunteering SMART goal

S – I want to volunteer at the library and places where it involves me helping other people like a hospital.

M – I will ask the workers and older volunteer’s if I am doing my work properly. After a few times, I will get the hang of the environment and I will do my work better than before.

A – While volunteering, I will start building my communication skills since I will have to talk to all these people. I will bring my friends along with me to volunteer so I can feel more comfortable.

R – This goal is important for me to achieve because it will look good on my resume and I will get more hours.

T – I will try to attain this goal before grade 12.

My future resume

Shivam Bhatt

54 Mountain Dew St, Brampton, M2K 8U0 – 905-493-3182 –


To obtain a position as a Database Administrator that utilizes my 1 year of customer-service and technician experience and my bachelor’s degree in computer science


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

University of Wilfrid Laurier, Waterloo, 75 University Ave W.

September 2018 – April 2022

  • 3.9 GPA
  • Competitive Scholarship
  • Earned award for academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities


Entry Level Costumer-Service

R&G, North York, 2201 Finch Ave W.

May 2020 – September 2020

  • Assist clients with orders and follow up
  • Accept payment and input into tablets
  • Enter in costumer information in application
  • Multitask and prioritize effectively

Computer Technician

i-technique, Toronto, 2103 Yonge St.

June 2021 – September 2021

  • Troubleshooting & repairing hardware & software issues on all supported Mac and IOS devices
  • Occasional on-site visits to costumers businesses or homes to troubleshoot & resolve issues
  • Interacting with costumers at time of device intake to accurately document issues

Help Desk Technician

The Humberview Group, Etobicoke, 1650 The Queensway.

May 2022 – September 2022

  • Answer help desk calls and respond to voicemail's and emails in a timely manner
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Provide assistance to IT Staff for execution of long term projects
  • Basic networking support for local and wide area networks

  • Computer Software & Application Knowledge
  • Public Speaking
  • Typing
  • Patience
  • Word Processing
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Computer Programming


  • Volunteer at the local food shelter once a week
  • Vice-captain of the Brampton Brewers baseball club


  • IT certified
  • First Aid & CPR certified
  • ACMT certified
  • CCT certified


Billy Chapman /// Chance Morris

Manager /// Supervisor

R&G /// i-Technique

North York, 2201 Finch Ave W /// Toronto, 2102 Young ST ///

Challenges and Solution

My job as a Computer Programmer has a lot of pros and cons and comes with many challenges. One of the biggest challenges I will have to face will be sitting. This job requires you to be on your computer at all times and you won't be able to stand because it would be uncomfortable so you will have to sit. You will have to sit tight at your desk and look at your computer constantly and this can cause multiple health problems. It can cause your back, wrist, and eyes to can burn or even some serious pain. There obviously are solutions to this problem like you can get a back massage once a week to relax your back when at work. You can also exercise your wrist every day to reduce the pain or even get it massaged by a professional. Lastly, you can get a laser eye surgery for your eyes so they can become stronger. You can easily afford all of this because this job gives you good money so there shouldn't be any sort of financial problems.

Another big challenge I will have to face will be working long hours and meeting the deadlines. Working for more than 8 hours on working days and having to work on weekends when asked to, will be very aggravating. Working for this long, I might have to give up my social life or even my personal life. My social life is very precious to me and giving that up for a job can be very hard for me. Well, I suppose that I will have to give them up for my own good, this way I will be busy in my own life and I will have days off too so I will have some free time to do whatever. Meeting specific deadlines can be hard for me. So to overcome this challenge, the only thing I can do is to start a project that is given to me as soon as possible so I don't go over the deadline and get in trouble. This job is filled with all sorts of challenges but there are all sorts of solution for it.