RILINK Newsletter

October 2021

Follett Hosted Sites Reminders

Patron Access for New Sites

A single website with all RILINK Schools listed does not exist for the new Follett Hosted sites.

  • Patrons should be sent to Destiny Discover using the URLs provided on the RILINK Directory. The Destiny Discover URL can be bookmarked.
  • Librarians should bookmark the District page and then login in the top right-hand corner. If you bookmark the direct URL provided on the directory page, it will only work if the History on your device is never cleared.

Access library checkout history

This Administrator permission has been turned on in all of the new sites. If you do not want to view a Patron's history, please contact us to have it removed using the RILINK Help Request Form.

Last Call for New Site Set Up

Thank you to everyone who has completed the set up and submitted the survey to confirm they are ready to have their site taken down.

After October 8, we can not guarantee the old sites will be available if you have not finished. If you are finished and haven't completed the survey, please do so ASAP.

Old sites should be accessed for new site set up only.

Follett Letter

If you received a letter from Follett concerning Alliance Plus, you may disregard it. RILINK does recommend you keep the letter in case you need to reference it in the future.

Alliance Plus has been turned on in all sites. if you do not see this option when cataloguing a new title, please let us know immediately using the RILINK Help Request Form.

Why your teachers need to log in

Reason #1: Easy Access to Collection

Whether your district is authenticating access to SORA/OverDrive (RISOCKS) through Google or Follett Destiny, teachers need to have easy access to the collection. Over 2,000 titles were recently moved to RISOCKS using some grant funds from the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) awarded in the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) Grant Program by the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) through the Institute of Museum and Library Services. RILINK and OverDrive successfully added most of our shared BookLynx eBook and digital audiobook collection from Follett to SORA/OverDrive so that these titles are now available to the school libraries in RISOCKS. Members will be able to easily add their own titles as needed by their school or district, and the system allows for teacher reading assignments.

Reason #2: Use of Certain Features

Some Destiny Discover features are only available to teachers logged in at the Faculty access level. They can

  • access Follett’s Curriculum Tags, finding materials to meet classroom needs.
  • search the Open Education Resources Project (OER) for curriculum resources that many times include graded lesson plans and primary sources.

Reason # 3: Revamped teachers Guide

They can take full advantage of our revamped Teachers guide at which also includes information about
  • our subscriptions to Exploring Nature and CultureGrams
  • AskRI, and
  • Collections by Destiny ®.
If you want to give your teachers the ability to add their own Collections, you need to make sure to add this ability to their Access Level in the Admin function in Destiny Discover.
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Reason #4: Email Elementary School Homeroom Teachers

For the elementary grades, you can email a notice of books that are due or overdue to the homeroom teachers. If teacher records are in the database, you can assign them to homerooms and email notices to the homeroom teacher.

So, get your teachers signed up. Add them to Destiny yourself or encourage your local technical department to send a regular teacher update file for uploading into Destiny. Use your resources to their best advantage by publicizing them to administration, teachers, and parents.

Promote your library and make sure that they get regular reminders about what you have to offer.

Important Announcements

Zoomulias return

RILINK will host Zoomulias via Zoom beginning Thursday, October 14 from 3:30-4:30. A Zoom link will be sent to the RILINK listserv the day before and day of the session.
  • October 14- Where We Are & Where We Are Going
  • November 18- RISOCKS/OverDrive Checkin

General Q & A's and discussion will be held at the end of each session. Please send suggested topics to

ILL UPdate

As of September 30, 59 RILINK libraries have completed the annual LORI Certification. The list can be found here - Libraries Completed FY2022 LORI Certification. The LORI Delivery Schedule has been updated. If you have any questions about LORI Certification or the LORI Delivery Schedule, please contact Chaichin Chen.

Follett is working on an ILL module for RILINK schools, and we eagerly anticipate its arrival. In the meantime, districts can utilize the ILL function within their district (and their own district delivery), and LORI Certified school libraries can borrow materials and use LORI/ILL delivery for items found in one of the LORI Library Online Catalogs.

Submit the LORI ILL Request form. (Does not require OSL library card and PIN. The form is created and maintained by OLIS staff. RILINK staff cannot track the form. The form is to be submitted by library staff only. Do not direct patrons to submit the form.)

Submission of the LORI ILL Request form will generate an email to the potential supplying library/ies designated on the form. If the request is filled, the item/s will be delivered directly to the school library that submitted the form. If no response is received within 3 business days, please follow up with the supplying library directly to determine the status of the request.


  • If you want your students and teachers to be able to use Exploring Nature and CultureGrams at school, they need the current public IP address for your school or district. If you can’t access these two subscriptions at school without logging in, your public IP address has likely changed. Please ask your tech department to send the current public IP address(es) to
  • Remind students, teachers, and yourself: If your first attempt to log in to Destiny Discover fails, TRY, TRY, AGAIN!
  • In order to add a database to Enriched Content searches in the Catalog tab in your Back Office, it has to be

Here’s how to set it up. Always remember to Test the setup before you Save.

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2022 RI Latino Books Award Nominees

The nominees are now posted on the RILINK website at 2022 RI Latino Books Award Nominees at

RILINK Schools LibGuides Users may reuse the guide or parts of guide "RI Latino Books Award 2022 for Reuse" on their sites. All of the titles are available as "Book from Catalog" as well.