Career Coaching

Erasmus+ KA-1 Course

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Course Description

With the job market becoming seemingly impossible to crack, career coaches are more important than ever.

This online course will teach students the basic of career coaching, including the definition of career coaching, the ethics, how to find clients, how to assess client needs, matching a client to their true calling, improving the work life of a client, helping clients find new careers, using road maps, uncovering client motivation, client branding strategies, interview advice, negotiating for a better benefits package, teaching a client to be successful in the long term, and how to ensure career coaching career success.

These career coaching lessons include checklists, examples, and clearly outlined steps to ensuring a career coach is ready for any client and any situation.


  • By learning the basics of coaching, the student will be able to start their own career coaching business
  • Helping others find the work which truly sustains them – while also helping their own career goals.
  • From the basics of finding clients, to helping them, and to insuring their success,
  • this career coach course offers a self-paced, self-study opportunity to become a career coach who guides clients to their true vocation or just to a happier work life.

Target groups

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals, parents, other interested person
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Course Lessons (7 days)

Day 1

  • Lesson 1: What Does Being a Career Coach Mean to You?

    Lesson Objective: Learn what a career coach is and how you can be effective in your role as one.
  • Lesson 2: The Ethics of Career Coaching

    Lesson Objective: To learn more about the ethics of coaching and how to ensure clients are treated in an ethical manner.
  • Lesson 3: Do You Have the Right Training for Career Coaching?

    Lesson Objective: To learn what training can be helpful to support a career coaching career.

Day 2

  • Lesson 4: Finding Career Coaching Clients

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to find career coaching clients using various marketing techniques.
  • Lesson 5: Assessing a Client's Needs

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to assess clients' needs in order to best serve them.
  • Lesson 6: Helping Clients Find Their Calling

    Lesson Objective: To help clients understand what their true calling, or vocation, might be.

Day 3:

  • Lesson 7: For the Client Who Just Wants to Be Happier at Work

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to help clients who just want to be happier at work.
  • Lesson 8: Strategy Plans for Finding a New Job

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to help a client who wants to find a new job or career path.

Day 4

  • Lesson 9: Road Maps and Coaching Go Hand in Hand

    Lesson Objective: To learn about road maps and how to use them in your coaching.
  • Lesson 10: Helping Clients Find What Motivates Them

    Lesson Objective: To help clients learn what motivates them in their career path.
  • Lesson 11: Branding Your Clients

    Lesson Objective: To learn why branding is an effective tool for building career success with your client.

Day 5

  • Lesson 12: Teach a Client to Ace the Interview

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to coach a client to give a great interview.
  • Lesson 13: Making More Money

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to help clients secure more money for the position for which they are hired.

Day 6

  • Lesson 14: Teaching a Client That They Can Make Money and Be Happy

    Lesson Objective: To learn how to coach clients to be happy with their new position, now and in the future.
  • Lesson 15: The Future of Career Coaching

    Career coaching seems to be a hot market in the economy today, as more people than ever are searching for jobs and needing help in order to find the job that truly fits their skills and personality.


  • Organisation Study visits
  • Discussion, evaluation
  • Certificiation

Financial conditions

  • The course fee – according to Erasmus+ programme (70 euro/ day), 490 Euro for a 7 days course (without travel)
  • We can provide you very nice and comfortable hotels. All expenses is covered by EU in Erasmus+ School and Erasmus+ Adult project.
  • We can organise cultural activities.

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