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Shrek The Musical

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Shrek the Musical for their outstanding performances this weekend!

Cast of Characters

Shrek: Lane Priest

Donkey: Matt Gebo

Princess Fiona: Emily Gray

Lord Farquaad: Michael Thomas

Dragon/Wicked Witch: Alys Derby

Teen Fiona/Sugar Plum Fairy: Olivia Lohr

Young Fiona: Anna Penird

Young Shrek/Dwarf: Noah Murad

Mama Ogre/Mama Bear/Thelonious: Kelsey Sweeney

King Harold/Wolf/Captain: Mark Thomas

Queen Lillian/Bluebird: Olivia Guadagno

Pinocchio: Nate Lecceardone

Gingy/Blind Mouse/Tinkerbell: Mykenzie Burnett

Peter Pan/Knight #1: Max McHugh

Fairy Godmother: Molly Moore

Humpty Dumpty: Katie VanDuyne

Ugly Duckling/Blind Mouse: Tiana Johnston

Shoemaker’s Elf: Abbie O’Brien

Little Red Riding Hood/Blind Mouse: Olivia Straub

Baby Bear/Knight #4: Jarrett Pagorek

Pied Piper/Knight #2: Daltyn Hanline

Mad Hatter: Jenna May

White Rabbit/Knight #3: Mason Vienna

Three Little Pigs: Anna Penird, Emma Kesel, Olivia Guadagno

Guard: Haley Williams

Dulac Dancers: Abbie O’Brien, Brookelyn Hanley, Jazzmyn Watts, Isabelle McHugh, Olivia Straub, Emma Kesel, Olivia Lohr, Kelsey Sweeney

Rat Tap Dancers: Abbie O’Brien, Jazzmyn Watts, Isabelle McHugh, Olivia Straub, Emma Kesel, Nate Lecceardone, Olivia Lohr, Nathan Sawyer

Ensemble (Dulac Singers/Happy Mob/Wedding Choir): Isabelle McHugh, Emma King, Emma Krise, Madilyn Liberty, Victoria Hartson, Daltyn Hanline, Haley Williams, Colin Holtz, Brookelyn Hanley

Dulac Greeter: Alexis Adams

Bishop: Kathy Collins

Crew Members

Stage Crew Manager: Katharine Wesche

Asst. Stage Manager: Garrett Lawrence

Stage Crew: Rachel Anderson, Courtney Cartwright, Sabryna Guerrie, Shyanne Harris, Abby Rice, Jack Schneider, Stephen Smith, Alex Weeks, James Yacono

Asst. Student Producer: Alexis Adams

Hair & Makeup: Courtney Cartwright, Madison Cole, Jessie Gerlock, Allison Youngjohn, Adrian Lane

Light Board: Grace Valenti, Tamsyn Kuehnert

Sound Board: Elizabeth Maslyn, Michael Rizzo

Spotlights: Carleigh Cartwright, Lily Reiley