Yellowstone National Park

By-Sofia Valverde


Yellowstone national park is known mainly for the Old Faithful geyser. Although,the park is the home of many other geysers as well.


Yellowstone National Park does have a pretty long history,but let's start from the beginning.

First,until the early 1800s,Native Americans roamed the land,mountains,and rivers of Yellowstone. It is said that they the water from the geysers to wash their clothing,cook,and bathe.

Yellowstone National Park was established as a park by congress on March 1st,1872,and that is when it truly began to be the Park we know today.

In 1988,there was a devastating fire at Yellowstone Park. The fire started as small separate fires,but the wind and the drought going on caused it to become one huge fire. This fire burnt down 36% of the park,and cost the United States $120 million dollars to fight until the snow and moisture eventually helped put it out.Now,the park has more strict regulations to fight these types of disasters.

Today Yellowstone National Park is 3,468 square miles,and is mainly made up of lakes,canyons,rivers mountains,and obviously,geysers!


Summer-temperatures are often in the 70s (25C) and occasionally in the 80s (30C) and nights are very cold and sometimes below freezing.

Spring & Fall- Daytime temperatures range from the 30s to the 60s (0 to 20C) with overnight temperatures in the teens to low single digits and below zero temperatures. (-5 to -20C).

Winter- zero to 20F(-20 to -5C) in the day,and VERY cold at night,snow is likely,and sub-zero temperatures are very common.

Yellowstone has a varying climate,so bring a variety of clothing types for any weather type.

Activities & Events

Some fun things to do------

  • Hike
  • Camp
  • Ride a boat
  • Bicycle
  • Ski
  • Enjoy a guided tour of Yellowstone
  • Fish
  • Ride a Horse
  • Have a picnic
  • Ride a snowmobile
  • View amazing wildlife

Fascinating FACTS

  • Yellowstone has over 40 major waterfalls.
  • Prior to the establishment of the National Park Service, the U.S. Army protected Yellowstone between 1886 and 1918. Fort Yellowstone was established at Mammoth Hot Springs for that purpose.
  • Yellowstone National Park has the largest concentration of free roaming wildlife in all of the lower 48 states
  • Approximately 5% of Yellowstone Park is covered by water,15% of it is grassland, and 80% is forests.
  • Yellowstone National Park has more than 300 geysers
  • Yellowstone Park has 1 jail.

Association with Native Americans

Yellowstone Park was the home of many Native Americans until the early 1800s,when because they had roamed the land,mountains,and rivers of Yellowstone. It is said that they the water from the geysers to wash their clothing,cook,and bathe during that time.