Pregnancy and Birth

First trimester

1.Babies facial features develop

2.The placenta develops

3.Buds of the babies limds form

4.The baby is fully developed by the 3rd month

5.A primitive face forms

1.The Mother will have morning sickness

2.Food craving

3.Heightned sense of smell

4.Frequent urination


Second trimester

1.The babies eyelips,eyelashes,nails,and hair are form

2.Reproduction organs are formed

3.By the 4th month the baby is 6 inches

4.The baby starts to move around in the mommies tummy

5.The babies skin is red ,wrinkled & the veins are visable

1.The mother has emotional changes

2.Changing shape



5.Increase in estrogen release

Third trimester

1.Baby starts recieving fat

2.Internal systems are fully developed

3.Lungs are still immature

4.The baby can see and hear

5.The baby starts to change positions

1.The mother feet get swollen

2.Intense dreams


4.Breast inlarements



1.Dont smoke while your pregant

2.dont drink achol

3.dont do any kind of drugs only the ones your doctor prescribe

4.dont eat bad food , because your eating for 2 people

5.dont be a lazy mom and do nothing, get active while your pregant

1.Eat healthy for you and your baby

2.Take medicine for certain situations

3.Start to prepare for your baby go out and get baby things

4.Go walking or yoga

5.Take pregant classes that involves the mom and father

Stages of Birth


-cervix opens ,dilates to 10 cm

-water breakes

-mucus plug comes out



-longest dilation


-c-section or vaginaly ,baby is born


-cut umblical cord

-deliver plecena