Mrs. Schatte's Cougar News

March 25, 2016

Field Trip!

Don't forget to send in field trip permission slips and money by March 30th.

Everyone in Kindergarten is excited about our field trip to Washington Farms in Loganville on Wednesday, April 13th! This is a learning experience for all students. This field trip supports the following Gwinnett County Academic Knowledge and Skills:

*classifies living things as plants or animals

*compares common needs between plants and animals

*explain the difference in plants (color, size, appearance)

*observe living plants and animals

Please make sure your child is able to attend by sending in the permission slip and money. Students who do not bring a permission slip will not be allowed to attend.

All parents are invited to attend the field trip, however parents must meet us at Washington Farms. I would like to encourage parents to use this field trip as a time to spend time with your child while in school. Parents who bring siblings are responsible for watching their younger children and making sure that younger siblings do not interfere in the learning of MPES students. Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for this field trip and wear tennis shoes, as this is a working farm and mud is often a problem.

Relay For Life

Relay for Life Week was a huge success. Our school raised over $600! Thank you to everyone who supported Relay for Life this week.

What's coming up next week:

Next week is a four-day week. In reading, students will have fun using what they have learned about retelling, story elements, and comparing/contrasting to explore fairy tales and modern versions of fairy tales. Students will continue to explore conventions of non-fiction writing while learning about characteristics of animals in science. We will focus primarily on animals that hatch from eggs such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. In math, students will continue to explore addition facts within five, You can help your child at home by encouraging your child to use real objects to write a "Joining" or number sentence. Students need to understand that adding is a multi-step task and that it is important to touch, count, and record correctly.

Don't Forget!

Friday, April 1st is a Student/Teach Holiday.

Spring Break is the week of April 4-8 and school will be closed. Please enjoy this time with your student. School will resume on April 11th!

Also, please don't forget that 2:15 is the latest time to check out a student for early dismissal in the office. If you need to check your child out early, please send me a note and I will make sure to have them ready for pick-up. Thanks so much for your support with this at home.

Lunch Charges

There will be no more lunch charges after May 1st. Please make sure that your child has lunch money on their account.

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