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There is more to Bradford than you might think. Deep in the heart of West Yorkshire, it is host to an incredible range of people and places.The city's industrial past is well and truly behind it, and we hope to show you just how amazing it could be for you to visit.

Our guide includes links as well as suggestions for you to go and see the places we recommend.

Bradford is the best place we think because of the City Park. We will be including Sports, Parks, Food, Attractions. please read thought the whole of the brochure.


We have a tonne of sporty things in Bradford. We even have our own football team. It is call Bradford City football team, who we are proud to say have visited the national stadium at Wembley no fewer than two times in the last twelve months alone! Also we have other sport things like Richard Dunns Sports Centre and 5 Alive. Richard Dunns is a sport center at the top of the City, and gives a spectacular view of the city.

5 Alive is a tonne of football pitches, and the place where much of the city's footballing talent is developed.


We have a staggering range of parks for you to visit too, so you can chill out and spend time with family and loved ones. Please feel free to browse the links below to take you to one of many incredible places.

The parks in Bradford are spectacular and they are adult and children activities. The parks in Bradford are Bowling Park, Brackenhill Park, Bradford Moor Park, Burley Grange Park, Central Park, Haworth, Cliffe Castle Park, Cross Roads Park, Crowgill Park, Devonshire Park, East Holmes Field, Foster Park, Foxhill Park, Greenwood Park, Harden Memorial Park, Harold Park, Holden Park (Oakworth Park), Horton Bank Country Park, Horton Park, King George V Playing Fields, Ladyhill Park, Lister Park, Littlemoor Park, Lund Park, Menston Park, Myrtle Park, Northcliffe Park, Peel Park, Prince of Wales Park, Riverside Gardens Park, Roberts Park, Russell Hall Park , Shipley Central Park, Silsden Park, St. Ives Estate (Country Park), Victoria Park, layton, Victoria Park, Keighley, Victoria Park, Oakenshaw, West Park, Girlington, West View Park (Darwin Gardens), Wibsey Park

If you like the names of these parks then just click on the name then it will go to the website.


Bradford is the best place we think for the food because the is quite a lot of types of meals like Mexican, American, Indian, Muslim and many many more.

The places to go to get the best food is the world famous Mumtaz. Alongside this, there are an awesome range of Curry Houses throughout the city.

Should this not tickle your fancy, all the usual suspects, such as Nandos, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are all in easy reach of the city centre- many of which can be found in and around the stunning Centenary Square and its beautiful water feature.


They are many places attractions in Bradford. There is the Media Museum, Saint Paula's Cathedral, Little Ben and many many more. Saint Paula's Cathedral was built in the 19th century.

In particular, our Media Museum plays host to a beautiful 3D and iMax screen, which will simply blow your imagination. Please see here for more information.

City Park

Bradford has got one of the biggest water fountain in England. In City Park they have one big water fountain and then they have 40 smaller ones around it to make a circle. Also so in City Park there is a big clock that we call little Ben. The water fountain can shoot water 15 meters tall.

Beautiful Bradford: H7's Special Take on this Wonderful Place

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