Gavin's Awesome Poems

By Gavin

What the duck saw=Couplet

There was a duck

that saw a buck.

The buck

saw a truck.

The truck saw the buck

and ran over the duck.

How The buck Works For The Duck/Limerick

There was a duck

that made a cluck

because the fox

ate her box

so she hierd an aggressive buck.

My Favorite Food/Imagery Poem

I like pizza but the hawaiian pizza is the best,with cheese that stretches to five feet

and the perfect crust that crunches just right.

The pine apple falls right into my mouth the second it hits my mouth my taste buds burst because the pine apple is bursting with flavor. The sauce is so warm and smooth that it is like cocanut milk. The pizza smells like you can smell that pizza from 5 miles away.

What I Do On Sundays

On sundays

i am a is a piece of gum,easy to chew.

First I turn on the stove which is as easy a turning the door handle

then I put the bacon on the stove

then i cook the bacon for a little bit

then take the bacon off th stove

then chow down!