Printer Toner and Cartridge Recycling


1. Why should I give my toners to Inklogix?

Each year hundreds of thousands of toners are thrown into landfills, and it can take up to 1,000 years for toners to decompose which severely affects the environment. By recycling with us you are reducing oil consumption, providing materials for manufacturing of goods, and other beneficial effects on our environment

2. How much will I get for each toner?

For each toner your organization recycles, Inklogix will give a specific dollar amount to the Lerner's Dream Foundation. This could be at least $1 or more!

3. How will Inklogix pick up my toners?

Drop your toners off in your tenant's mail-room and Inklogix will come pick them up for free.

4. What happens to the toners when they are picked up?

We sort through the empty toner cartridges and determine which ones can be re-used. Good cartridges earn funds and are shipped to be re-manufactured Bad cartridges can be re-ground for other uses that will benefit the quality of life for mankind.

5. How can I earn even more money through Inklogix's referral program?

Inklogix offers an online referral program that you can earn cash for referring your friends and organizations. Contact us for more information on our cash referral bonuses.