Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Dussel

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Fritz Pfeffer was born on April 30 1889 in Giessen, Germany. He was given the rather unflattering name Albert Dussel by Anne, which translates as 'idiot.'

Fritz (Albert) was a dentist in Berlin and married Vera Bythiner in 1921. They had one son together called Werner.

Paragraph 1

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “You need family to have love in your life. Many times while the families were in the annex they fought they argued. While Anne was having nightmares her mother tried to come her down but she didn’t want her she wanted her father.

“Father i want you to comfort me not mother i want you! This means that Anne at the time did not want her mother around her at that time. She only wanted her father to comfort her.

Paragraph 2

Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “If you dont have hope then their is nothing to live for.

There was sevarly times during the families time at the annex that they lost hope and that is When then they struggled the most. “Mr.Vann ban wanted Anne to change.” Mr. Vann Dan always hoped that Anne would become like her sister.

Paragraph 3

The Diary of Anne Frank. Mr. Dussel, Mr. Dussel’s symbol that i picked for him was mouth wash. A couple reasons i chosed this is he is a dentist, also he likes thing clean. “This place is so messy its like a bull ran through it.” Mr. Dussel says because he is a stuck up person wants everything to go his way in life.
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