Out of nowhere


Content & summary

One main event in my book out of nowhere by Maria Padian. Is when a second migration of Somali refuges migrated in to toms town one of them being Saeed that makes a big impact in toms life because he learns lots of things because of Saeed. The second important event is when Saeed vanishes out of nowhere. That makes tom change in lots of ways. he taught him lots of important lessons. Also because Saeed was one of the most important characters in toms life. And now he wont ever see Saeed again because him and his family has vanish out of nowhere to a different place. All of this takes place on a small town in Maine. also one main vent of American history occurs during the novel. The main event being 9\11 that was taken place in New York city.


My first character is the main character of the novel Tom Bouchard. he is a senior student and captain of a soccer team. He is boyfriend of one of the most beautiful and popular girls and he is also very unique because he has a choice to pick any college if he gets his applications done. The second character is Saeed. Saeed is a Somali refuge that has move into toms town because of war. Also he is very important because he makes in impossible, saves and shots. That results into toms team having a big win streak.

The last character of the novel is Donnie. Donnie is Toms best friend, they been knowing each other since kinder garden but there's also consequences because Donnie breaks rules that makes tom get in lots of trouble.


One important quote from the novel is "My heart swells as I realize just how badly I would have liked to stand on this platform with Saeed". This quote means and teaches that Tom has change. Also it significances Toms admiration on Saeed because he teaches lots of important things in life. another meaning of this quote in the novel is that tom appreciates Saeed culture that has impacted his life and know he wont know its meaning.


The theme of this novel is acceptance . Acceptance is the main theme of the novel because the main character at first doesn't accept the Somali refuges. But throughout the novel he changes lots of things. He accepts Somalian's culture in to his life and that makes him recognize that importance of them. also because he accepts that he is not always correct about his opinions on other cultures and people.