How to fill out the 1040EZ

By Erik Dienethal

What you need

You will need a W2, which you will get from your employer(boss). You will also need to 1099-INT which will be given to you by the IRS. You will also need the tax return form for later in the 1040EZ which is also given by the IRS. The last thing you will need is any specific information you have about extras pays, fees, etc... MAKE SURE THIS IS DONE BY APRIL 15TH.

Starting your 1040EZ(Income section)

First things first fill out your personal information located at the top. Next you can begin to fill out lines 1-14.

1. To fill out line 1, you look at the Wages, tips, other copensation box located on the W2. This will be the number you use for line 1.

2. For line 2, you will be looking at the 1099-INT. Look for th bos labeled Interest income and use that number for line 2.

3. To get the number for 3, you would have to know if you are unemployed or not and if so how much compensation are you receiving.

4. For this line, you will need to take the numbers from 1, 2, and 3 and add them all up and whatever number you get is your answer.

5. For number five you will need to use the back of the page(Refer to How to fill out line 5)

6.To find line 6, you need to subtract line 5 from 4. but if line 5 happens to be bigger than 4, then you will just put 0.

Closing out your 1040EZ

To finish the 1040EZ, you would just continue to fill out the last categories depending on if you have a third party designee or someone else like a spouse. You would sing your name and your spouse would sing(if necessary) at the Sign here portion. Finally you would submit it before April 15th when taxes are due.

Good luck bro