By Marc Garcia

Where was Islam first founded

Islam was founded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

When was Islam founded

Islam was founded around 610 A.D.

Who founded Islam

Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad who was born in Mecca, Saudi around 570 A.D. When he first started to preach to the people the rich denied his religion and thought it was just a waste of time

The followers of Islam

There are about 1.57 billion people today who practice Islam, Islam is the the second most largest religion in the world. There are 2 types of Islamic Sects, there are the Sunnis which is the largest sect, about 84 to 90 percent are Sunnis. Then there are the Shi'ite which is the smallest group of Muslims, about 10 to 16 percent are Shi'ite

Islam today

Islam today is the second most largest religion in the world but terrorist make it the religion dangerous. Today Isis is probably the biggest Islamic terrorist group in the world. They are killing many people that don't believe in Islam. They have killed many Christians and other people because they are trying to make everyone to convert into Islam they want to make Islam the ultimate religion.