Amerigo Vespucci

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Background on Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci was born in 1454 CE in Italy. He was from the Italian city-state of Florence. His parents wanted him to be a merchant, so he did because he was their only son his father didn't send to the University of Pisa. Vespucci's parents didn't want to lose him, so they kept him around and taught him their ways. Amerigo finally went into business of trading and being a merchant of his own. But soon after he took over his parent's business, he got interested in exploring and sailing after he heard about sailors and the land that Christopher Columbus had discovered. He started exploring the lands Christopher Columbus discovered in 1499, the lands that Columbus said was "India". Spain paid for Vespucci's entire trip, and Vespucci went to explore with many others.

Vespucci's Motivations: Gold

Vespucci was a merchant first before he was an explorer and sailor, so part of his motivation was money because he wanted to find money, and back then it was gold that people wanted to find and have. He thought that if he followed Columbus path, he could find what he wanted and also do some trading as well, because he still was a merchant. Amerigo thought that once he hit the lands that Columbus called "India", he could trade and travel some more and become rich. This reasons were part of his motivation to explore.

Vespucci's Motivations: Glory

The other part of Vespucci's motivation was glory. He wanted to be famous, being known to do something. He was also sent to explore so that his country could gain more power that it already had. Everyone was questioning Columbus discovery, and Amerigo's discoveries clear everything up. This also includes that Spain gain a lot of power, mostly England, with Vespucci's discoveries. He became famous for his discoveries, and his country gain a lot of power for his discoveries.

Accomplishments for Vespucci

Vespucci discovered several Caribbean and Central American islands through his results of his journey, explored the lands that Columbus discovered, and many more things. As a result of what he did, Vespucci theorizes that the place that Columbus discovered was a separate continent and was not part of Asia, which is saying that Columbus theory was wrong. Amerigo Vespucci also gets some fame in his success: the continents of North and South America are named after him, which is pretty cool.
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