From Jorge Osorio


First you go to will need a high school diploma.You will need costumer,detail,oriented,mechanical and trouble shooting skills. Yea you will need good vision and i think height and weight will not matter.Yes you have to have a high school diploma and then go to trade schools

Work place description

I think own home because you will need have all that space for tool and cars.They do like the job because they pay you allot of money and you get to the car deeper.Maybe a think some time to get to the place because is a special place


If they let me pick my hours for working i pick 8 am to 4 pm because is allot of time for you and allot of hours working and 5 days of week or 6 of working and one day for me


They pay you like 50,000 dollars a year.Each hour they pay you 18 dollars.Yea because i can get 6 days of working and 1 day for me