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“How to run a successful business when the economy is down.”

Ewan Denny is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Ewan Denny Business and Marketing Consultancy. He has over 25 years experience in showing people and organisations how best they can develop their brand, raise their profile and image, win new customers, and make more money, by using effective marketing and PR strategies. He writes business and marketing plans for his clients, as well as organising their events, designing and building their websites, and copy writing their publications and sales literature.

A popular Guest Speaker and Conference Chair for many corporate and social events, Ewan has appeared on a wide range of television and radio programmes in the UK and abroad, as a business and marketing expert. He is also a Toastmaster, a Wedding Planner and a professional Master of Ceremonies at social and business events, award ceremonies, weddings, conferences and black tie events.

Currently, there are over 350 high profile celebrities, TV personalities, sports stars, and major artists and entertainers who have signed to Ewan’s marketing agency, and he books them for all sorts of public appearances, speaking engagements, awards ceremonies etc around the country.

Are You Struggling To Survive In Your Business?

Who is this event for?

  • Community groups and voluntary organisations
  • Business owners and managers
  • The self employed
  • Anyone thinking about starting a business

Ewan’s Area of Expertise

Ewan has particular expertise in re-branding organisations and leading on all aspects of corporate communications, public relations, and both strategic and operational marketing management. Throughout his career, he has worked at the highest levels within organisations acting as principal marketing strategist and policy advisor to their Chief Executive’s, Boards and senior management teams, where he leads on strategic marketing, public affairs strategy, stakeholder relationship management, internal communications, public relations, cultural change initiatives, crisis communications, change management, customer relations, business development, and how best to communicate and deliver their vision and key corporate objectives.

Join us live on Tuesday 23rd April 2013@ 6.30pm

This is an opportunity for you to join me and my guest and ask any business questions to Mr Denny.This show applies to any one in or thinking of having a business i.e voluntary, community, entrepreneurs, private, self employment etc.

Mr Denny will be giving lots of practical advice and this will include: (1) How to develop winning marketing strategies for your business (2) How to use social media to promote your business (3) Ten things you must never do in business (4) How to survive in an economic downturn.

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"I have worked with Ewan on a number of small and large-scale projects and I find him to be totally professional and straight forward in all his business dealings. Over the years, I have come to rely on him for sound marketing strategy and tactical advice for my various businesses, especially the ones which have an international dimension. I would recommend him to anybody, anytime, without hesitation."
Derrick Blair, Chief Executive, B.C.E. International

A few years ago, I took the frightening step of setting up my own business and whilst doing so, I was advised to go and see Ewan Denny for his advice. One of my partners and I went to see him and he gave us sound business start up advice which helped us on our way. Today we are still trading and going from strength to strength."
Colin Cooper, Managing Director, ImageConscious Media Group

"I was setting up a multi-million pound travel club for top company executives a few years ago, and having heard of Ewan Denny's reputation, I turned to him for advice. Having recognised his talents, and what he brought to the table in terms of business strategy and marketing, I hired him to handle all our marketing operations."
Calvin King, Chief Executive, Executive Class Travel

Dear Ewan, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture thanks you for the invitation extended to Jamaican nationals to participate in the programmes of study offered at your college. We are particularly pleased that your invitation has come at a time when we are facing the challenge of increasing access to tertiary education and expanding enrolment at this level in response to the pressing need for development of our valuable human resources. It was a pleasure meeting you while you were in Jamaica. We are sure that your visit will lead to an exciting new partnership between Jamaica and the college. With best wishes for our future collaboration in the interest of education.
Right Hon. Burtchell Whiteman MP
Minister of Education, Youth & Culture, Jamaica

Mr Denny’s Clients

The Ewan Denny Marketing Consultancy has dealt with a wide range of clients who are drawn from the public and private sectors and these include local authorities, colleges and universities, new business start-ups, high street retail outlets, newspapers, and a wide range of individuals and businesses that are too numerous to mention.

  • The London Borough of Brent
  • The London Pensions Fund Authority
  • Civil Service (Department of Employment)
  • New Bridge Society
  • The Apex Trust
  • The London College of Computing
  • Hackney Community College
  • London Borough of Hillingdon
  • Kilburn College
  • The College of North West London
  • University of Luton
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • The Institute of the Motor Industry
  • The Learning & Skills Network
  • Executive Class Travel
  • Hill City Church London
  • Minz Fashion
  • Longdean School
  • Petra Global Ministries
  • Gateway Rover Cars
  • Greig city Academy
  • Centuries Holdings International (Zimbabwe)
  • Frillies Lingerie
  • B.C.E. International
  • Cradle of the Nile Investment Group (Uganda)
  • Network Consult Ltd
  • The Village Barber Shop
  • The Kings Foundation Consultative Council (Ghana)
  • Bridge Park Community Centre
  • The Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper
  • Immanuel's Academy
  • Princes Youth Business Trust
  • Harrow Bible School
  • Tabernacle Ministries
  • Women@One
  • Restoration Revival Fellowship
  • Beulah National Men's Fellowship
  • Island Car Rentals – Jamaica
  • eOptimiser
  • Altamont Court Hotel – Jamaica
  • Caribbean Holidays
  • E.D. College International
  • Harrow In Business

What Will I Get On This webinar

  • A free copy of Mr Denny’s latest CD entitled “Getting Customers – proven business and marketing strategies for attracting, winning, and keeping customers for life” which retails at £9.99
  • The chance to learn more about the secrets of business and how to grow one successfully.

Mr Denny will be giving lots of money saving and money making tips that will either save you or make you potentially thousands of pounds. These are practical business and marketing tips and ideas that will give your business a competitive edge and which will make your customers keep coming back to you for more. As Mr Denny says, “being successful and profitable in today’s economy is definitely possible, but it means that we must do the right things consistently well, and I will share with the audience what these things are.

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Important Notice

(Please do read carefully)

This show will be free2live2 very first.I can honestly say that its will get booked out real fast.In order to secure your place.Due to capacity we are very limited with seats.Once it sold out we cannot make any more spaces available. You book your FREE seat now includes a free copy of Mr Denny CD entitled “Getting Customers – Proven Business & Marketing Strategies For Attracting, Winning, And Keeping Customers For Life” retails at £9.99, an opportunity to learn more about the secrets of business and how to grow one successfully,

You have any questions?

Ewan Denny (Business & Marketing Specialist

Host:Trevor Carter (Co-Founder of free2live2)
Please do feel free to contact me at info@free2live2.org Or you can contact me on my mobile 07588777470

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