Body Image Poster

By: Alexis McKnight

Eating Disorders

They can have severe actions on your body and your health. There are many different types of eating disorders from a binge disorder to a starvation disorder. There is a wide range of different disorders and the level of severeness. Some can leave miner damage to your body, and some can lead to death if not treated.

Your beautiful, no matter what size.

It does not matter if you are a size 2 or a size 42. What matters is that you are a happy person. Why strive to be perfect when perfect doesn't exist? There is always going to be a person who is skinnier than you, or has a bigger "thigh gap" than you. All these stereotypes that our society has set are "you have to be perfect". No one is perfect, and no one ever will be.

Stop thinking about all the stereotypes, just live while can.

Live out of the box that society has made for you.

Imperfections make us perfect

If we all lived a perfect world everyone would be the same. Things would get boring real fast. People don't realize how our imperfections set us apart from one another. If everyone was perfect every girl would be the same, every guy would be the same, everyone would be the same. Imagine how boring that would be

stop the stereotypes NOW