Postwar America

The GI Bill of Rights was an act that guaranteed veterans a year's worth of unemployment benefits while they are searching for jobs and paying part of their tuition to get an education in the U.S. This was passed in 1944 by congress.

This was done to help the veterans coming back to America and to help them ease back into civilian life. It was also a way to encourage them to go back and get an education, causing many to do so.

This is important to us today because it allows those who were honorably discharged to have a year to search for a job and get back to schooling. It also helped the ten million troops being released in 1946.

The Other America

The termination policy, announced in 1953, said that Native American tribes were no longer a responsibility to the United States Government. It would eliminate economic support from the federal government and discontinued the reservation system. It also distributed tribal lands among individual Natives.

This was because outsiders grabbed their tribal land to exploit mineral deposits, oil and timber. This policy failed because of the fact that despite relocating the Native Americans, they were unable to find jobs from prejudices and poor training. Another thing was that they didn't have medical care and in 1963 the policy was officially dropped.

If this would have not been dropped many Native Americans would have been left homeless and become a run down race living in complete and utter poverty, maybe even worse than some live in today.