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Last Update: Jul 5, 2018

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Presentation Materials - Flipbooks, Specials (ASVP Close Sheets) & Other Items

Please talk to your AM or VP about which presentation flipbook(s) to use.

Presentation flipbooks (scripts):

1. 2018 Healthy Living Inside & Out Presentation.pdf - Combined nutrition and skincare - This is the one that our NVP, Jessica Murphy is using with a few modifications for using either in-person or online (Zoom, etc.)

2. 2016 New Healthy Living Presentation Final Version.pdf - Nutrition focused

3. 2016 New RE9 Presentation.pdf - Healthy Aging (RE9 Skincare) focused

Sample Inserts

Business Partners


While scripts are helpful, your enthusiasm and determination on what the products have done and what this business will do for you and your family are more important. (Nobody wants to follow a parked car - show people where you are going and get into action!)