Tamar by Mal Peet

Jarod Riedl

TAMAR- two people, one name

One, a spy intent on liberating the Netherlands in WWII. He is embroiled in the heart of the conflict, much to the avail of the woman he loves. The other has just lost the man who raised her, and all she has left for family is a mentally-ill grandmother, and a mom who has been destroyed by grief.

Christaan Boogart

A British spy, codenamed "Tamar." His mission is to organize the Dutch resistance groups to form one collective. His first mission to Holland nearly ended in disaster. Will this one?

Tamar Hyde

Lives in England, and her beloved grandfather, who raised her has just committed suicide. He leaves her and her cousin a box, which contains coded puzzles. These puzzles start at the Tamar River, which she believes is her namesake. But is it really?


1945: Christaan faces the Nazi regime in its entirety. Also, the Dutch resistance forces are constantly backstabbing each other and jeopardizing his mission. Most of all, Dart appears to have feelings for Chrsitiaan's lover, Marjike.

1995: Tamar is a confused, as all the two rocks in her life, her grandfather and mother, are washed away. She is given hope by the box her beloved grandfather left her, but learning the truth may not be that easy.

other characters


  • Dart, Tamar's wireless operator
  • Marjike, Tamar's lover
  • General Hanns Rauter, director of Nazi Security in the Netherlands


  • Yoyo- Tamar's cousin who helps her with the clues
  • Marjike, her grandmother, mentally ill & resident of a group home
  • Tamar's mother, Tanya

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