The Falcon Flyer

December 2020

Dear Foothills Families,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break. I know mine was both enjoyable and relaxing. It is good to be back at school with all the great students and teachers at Foothills.

We are seeing some great progress in both reading and math with those students that are regularly practicing each night at home. If you haven’t been as faithful having your kids read and practice their math facts each night – now would be a great time to start. It really makes a huge difference. We also know this is a unique school year with possible quarantines and sickness keeping us from attending school for some time. Our teachers have worked hard to train our students to become proficient in a Learning Management System where they can continue to work on their assignments from home. Thank you parents for your support and help when your students are having to move to At Home Learning for a short time. Just a reminder that Nebo School District has extended our schedule of dismissing at 2:30 everyday for the remainder of the school year. Free lunch will also be provided to all Nebo students for the remainder of the school year as well.

As winter is upon us, I wanted to discuss Foothills’s policy for inside/outside days. We live in the great state of Utah where it often snows. Many students want to go outside and play in the snow and take a needed physical break from their studies. For the most part, students will be expected to go outside for recess. On rare occasions (rain, blizzard, etc.) students will not be allowed to go outside. Parents can help us out by sending their child to school dressed as if it will always be an outside day. This way they are proactive and prepared for whatever happens. More detailed information about our cold weather procedures can be found in this newsletter.

Also a reminder to send students with a clean mask each day, and maybe even send them with an extra if you can. We are handing out more and more disposable masks and will run out soon. We do appreciate the disposable masks that have been donated, they have come in handy!

From all of us at Foothills Elementary we want to wish all our families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

--Mrs. Stoddard

December Calendar

3- SEPs

9-PTO Meeting @1:00pm

14-18- Christmas Spirit Week

Dec. 21-Jan. 1- Christmas Break-NO SCHOOL

January 4, 2021- School Resumes

SEP Parent Conferences on December 3rd

We are excited to hold our next SEP Conferences on Thursday, December 3rd. Our teachers look forward to meeting with parents and students to discuss the great things happening and set goals for the remainder of the term. Conferences will be held from 3:00-9:00 with an option of a zoom call conference from 8:00-9:00.

If you are coming to the school for a conference we will NOT be checking you in at the office for conferences but please be sure to wear a mask and only come to the school if you are healthy and have no COVID-19 symptoms. We are also asking only parent(s) and the Foothills student attend the conference.

If you have not signed up for a conference time yet please click here.

PTO Events

Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is working hard to support our teachers and students!

  • A big thank you to Amanda Bowler for setting up our Veteran's Day activities.
  • A big thank you to Annie Mead and the Grab'n Go Committee for arranging a fun treat for our staff each month!
  • A big thank you to Erin Gappmayer and her SEP Committee for providing a delicious dinner for the faculty on SEP night.
  • Congratulations to all our students who moved on to the Expressions Regional Contest!
  • We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!!

Now that the cold weather is upon us, please remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Please bundle the kids up with a coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

Foothills Elementary Cold and Inclement Weather Procedures

With the more severe weather conditions of winter we wanted to review our procedures to both reassure and help parents and patrons prepare and plan.

  • We recommend that students arrive at school no earlier than 8:30am for supervision purposes. The building will be open for students to wait for the start of class in the foyer.
  • Children should arrive at school dressed for the weather of the day so they can safely and comfortably enjoy recesses. In winter months, children should remember to bring shoes to change into from their snow boots. All healthy children will be expected to go out for recess except in extreme weather conditions (wind chill, rain, snow, etc.).
  • If your child cannot participate in recess for health reasons, please send a note to this effect. If it is to be a prolonged indoor stay (longer than 3 days) please send a note from the doctor.
  • Students will remain inside in extreme weather conditions such as: very cold temperatures (below 20 degrees) and wind chill, heavy rain and snowfall, unhealthy air/inversions (we check air quality daily).
  • Please be considerate and safety conscious as you drop off and pick up students at school. The winter months see an increase in the number of cars. Remember to: not block the flow of traffic (inside lanes are for waiting/sitting; outside lanes for pull through), not block cross walk areas, use parking stalls not pull through lanes if you need to enter the building.
  • In the event of a major weather event (severe storm, power outage…) the District’s ICampus Messenger system will be used to notify parents. This can be in the form of an automated phone call, text, or email. For this information to reach you it is important that you keep your contact information current within the online SIS system. Information will also be posted and updated on the district web page All teachers and staff members will remain at school to care for the students. Unless otherwise notified, we will release students only to responsible adults or family members.

Thank you Parents

Thank you parents for all your support with this amazing school year and all you are doing to keep our students safe and healthy.

Here are a few reminders of how you can help us at school:

  • Screen your children each morning for the Coronavirus symptoms. If they have any symptoms please keep them home.
  • Send your child with a water bottle to use throughout the day.
  • Check in at the office before going any further into our school building.
  • Send your child in a clean mask each day.

We have had an increased number of students coming to school without a mask. Please remind your student(s) to bring their mask(s) every day. Masks should be washed and rotated often. We do accept donations of disposable masks as well.

When your child is absent...

We appreciate you taking the time to let the office know when your child is absent. You can also let us know ahead of time when you will be on vacation. Please call 801-423-9172 to report absences before 9:15 am. Thanks so much for your help.

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