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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - June 1

The Resilience Manifesto

The picture below is the "Resilience Manifesto" from the Onward book that I mentioned in last week's newsletter. When I read the 10 items below, I think about all of you. This is the core of what the book is about, and if this is what you need to learn more about in your personal and professional life, I encourage you to pick up a copy.

Report Cards

Here is the link to the report card spreadsheet. This spreadsheet of comments should be completed by June 5th. You do not need to let Roxanne know that you are done because she can see it!

• IEP Progress reports from Special Ed staff should be downloaded by case managers and emailed directly to Roxanne for printing by June 5th as well.

• Bridge letters (developed in grade level meetings) will also be included in the report card envelope. Thank you to everyone for the work that went into developing these. I encourage you to read them on the Quick Reference Guide, although they are still awaiting final revisions.

• Once again, here is the template for report cards. Once printed, your comments from the spreadsheet will appear in the boxes on page two of the report card.

Last day procession

We will have an encore performance of the Lakeview neighborhood procession on what would have been (and still is) the last day of school.

Thursday, June 11 - meet on west playground at 3:50 - procession starts at 4:00 p.m.

Same route, same procedures - maintain 6-feet of separation or have a mask - stay in your car as much as possible - no throwing anything from cars. The map of the route is below.

Google Meets

Many of you have planned final Google Meets where students are presenting some sort of project - please add me to your invite. I really appreciate all the invites I've received, and although I can't make them all the time, it's the best part of my day when I can.

Structural Items

No staff meeting this week. We will have a full staff meeting (virtual) sometime on June 11.

Student personal item pickup, including Yearbooks and return of items owned by school:

Link to letter sent to families (also available on Lakeview homepage, if any family asks you)

Staff volunteer sign-up to help on June 8 & 9

Remote Learning Quick Reference guide - includes links to Grade Level meetings for Thursdays.