10 Tips on E-mailing

  • Answer quickly: The point of an email is to ask your question and receive the answer quickly.

  • Don’t write in all capitals: If you type in all caps it makes the person you’re sending the e-mail to feel like you are shouting at you.

  • Always read you e-mail before you send it: You always want to read your e-mails before you send it so if there is misspelling you can change it.

  • Do not forward chain letters: There are hoaxes out there so if you receive a chain letter delete it immediately.

  • Don’t respond to spam: If you click on it or respond to spam it will happen more often.

  • Don't forward virus hoaxes: If you receive an email message warning you of a new unstoppable virus that will immediately delete everything from your computer, this is most probably a hoax.

  • Avoid long sentences: Don’t use long sentences because it is annoying. The point of an e-mail is to be quick, and get to the point right away.

  • Use a meaningful subject: Don’t e-mail somebody just for the fun of it, use it only if you have something important to say.

  • Do not overuse the ‘Reply to all’ button: You should only use the ‘Reply to all’ button if you really need your message to be seen by each and every person who received the original message.