Principal's Update

May 8, 2022

SC Ready is Here

Attention Parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Students!

This week begins the start of statewide SC Ready Testing! Students will take the Reading Test on Tuesday, May 10th and the Writing Test on Wednesday, May 11th. This is your child's opportunity to "show what they know" and let others see how hard they have been working this school year!

We need your help in making sure that your child does their "best on the tests"! Here are a few reminders from Mrs. Baggette for you to share:

  • Highlight, underline, or circle the details in the questions. This helps you focus on exactly what the question is asking you to do.

  • Predict what the answer is BEFORE you read the choices. If you see the answer you were thinking, it is probably correct.

  • Read ALL of the answer choices! Eliminate any choices that you know are NOT the correct answer(silly answers) . The choice is obviously “trash!”

  • Once you have chosen your answer, plug it in and make sure that it makes sense! This works really well with vocabulary questions.

  • Charts and Maps often contain ALL of the answers. Use them to answer questions!

  • If the directions say read…. READ! Pay close attention to signal words in the directions, such as explain, interpret, and compare.

  • Beware! If the answer is not bubbled in exactly right… YIKES! It will be wrong!

  • If you get to a couple of questions that you just don’t know, don’t give up! Keep trying your best!

  • Don’t leave a question unanswered. You will not have ANY chance of getting it right.

  • When you have completed the test, go back and check your work!

2022 National Nurses Week

"Our Nurses Make A Difference"

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Since 1972, National School Nurse Day has been set aside to recognize school nurses. National School Nurse Day was established to foster a better understanding of the role of school nurses in the educational setting. School Nurse Day is celebrated on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

We are blessed to have two amazing school nurses at Delmae who go above and beyond to advance the well-being, academic success and lifelong achievement of our students. School nurses energetically advocate for ways to improve the overall student health in the schools, while at the same time supporting the unique needs of the individual child. The health of a student is inextricably linked to their ability to learn. If health care needs go unaddressed, it is difficult for children to participate in their learning environment. The school nurse helps children with their physical, psychological, emotional and social health requirements as well as their academic success.

As another unique school year comes to a close, I need to send a message of thanks to our school nurses who provide dedicated services to students, families, and staff. During a pandemic our school nurses were called upon to expand their roles and responsibilities and their endless contributions did not go unnoticed. They kept the pace with the evolving protocols and guidance in order to safely care for students and staff. Our nurses have been responsible for evaluating students for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure, contact tracing, managing chronic illnesses and educating staff, students, parents and community partners on COVID-19 prevention strategies. They have had to problem solve situations where there are no definitive answers, coordinate with school administration, reassure students and staff and remain calm during this unprecedented time.

I give thanks to our team of licensed school nurses. They are the heroes of our student health, performing big and small miracles every day while adapting to our ever changing world. Their contributions to the health and safety of our students, families and school communities are incredibly valued.

News From the APT

APT is so happy to announce our first school event of 2022!

Join us on Friday, May 13th 5:30-7:30 for a free, fun, family-friendly, end of the year bash!
Dinner will be provided! We will have inflatables, carnival games, music, temporary tattoos, etc.
Kona Ice will be available for purchase.
Volunteers are always welcomed! If you have some time before, during, or after the event to help us, please use the link below to sign up!
Thank you for your support!

Grade Level End of the Year Events

May 19th - First Grade Parent Drop-In (during the day)

May 20- 5th Grade to Moore (8:45)

May 23rd- Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? (with First Reliance Bank)

May 24th - Third Grade Cultures Around the World (during the day)

May 24th - Fifth Grade Medieval Times Field Trip

May 24th - Fourth Grade Family Night (5:30-6:30)

May 25- Field Day for K-1

May 25- Rolling Video for fifth grade/Laser Tag

May 25 - 5th Grade Cookout

May 26 - Field Day for 4-5

May 27 - Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony 9:30-10:45

May 27 - Kindergarten Showcase Day 11:00AM

May 27- Field Day for 2-3

Schoolwide End of the Year Dates

May 12- Kona Ice

May 13- Spring Fling

May 20- Math Facts Celebration 12:30

May 26 - Treble Dawg Spring Musical - 6:30pm

May 27 - Senior Walk 8:30

May 30 - Holiday ( No School)

May 31 - Treble Dawg Performance for School - 8:15am & 9:20am

All City Art Show

Congrats to these students whose artwork received special recognition!

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Briley Parrot -Mixed Media

Original Six Foundation

All Delmae Kindergarten students received 10 FREE Books at the "My First Library" Book Fair today, sponsored by the Original Six Foundation!!! Mr. Washington, from the foundation, joined us for the event!!!