My Student Led Conference

of pandemonium awesomeness

What can I do to help myself become a more successful learner?

I can work on focusing all my brain juices on the subjects Paula is teaching.
(no fantasizing pandas and cupcakes) and stop doodling. (maybe)

What can my teacher do to help?

Paula could make subjects stimulating. (problems about pandas!!!) because I do better on subjects I can get involved in.

How can my family help?

My family could give encouragements (you already do)!

In what subject would I like to improve?

I want to improve my skillage in language arts. (writing and grammar) because i really need the help.

What assignment did I do this year that I'm proud of?

I'm proud of my letter to Winnie essay, because I spent a lot of time and effort perfecting it.
Also I am proud of most of my spelling tests because I feel sort of like a natural speller when I do well on them.