Ravenwood September 2020 News

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Dr. Casey's Corner

Dear Ravenwood Families,

I want to thank you all for your incredible patience as we have launched three different options for learning during this Pandemic! As you can imagine, it is no small feat and many of our teachers are teaching in the classroom all day while also trying to teach their virtual learners. We ask for your patience as we continue to navigate this new territory.

In this newsletter, you will find information about Powerschool, Free Lunch and Breakfast, what to do if you need to pick up your child early, and much more.

A Kindergarten Funny:

Under normal circumstances, students go through the lunch line and can see lunch choices before they pick them. However, for now students have to tell their teachers in the morning which choice they want for lunch. Some kindergarten students were very confused by "popcorn chicken!" "So it is chicken and popcorn?!" Gave us all a good laugh! :)

We are so grateful for all of you and please know we are all in this together!

Dr. Casey

Free Lunch and Breakfast Through December!

Wonderful News! The waiver that allows school districts to feed all students for free has been extended through December 31st, 2020. Therefore, all students will be offered a free breakfast and a free lunch each day through the end of 2020. Please note that no extra snacks are available for purchase at this time so there is no need to put money into lunch accounts at this time.

All parents are strongly encouraged to complete an application for free or reduced price meals, even though they are currently free. As in previous years, a new free or reduced price meals application must be filled out each year, after July 1st. You can apply here: https://bit.ly/3dou1Eh. If your income has gone down or the number of people living in your household has gone up, please consider applying.

Parent Orientation Sessions for Canvas and Schools PLP

Please find them at this link:


Support for Canvas and Schools PLP - First Week of School

Welcome back! Our first day of school this year was certainly unusual, and it was full of unique celebrations and new back-to-school traditions. From the very first day, students connected with peers and teachers and engaged in meaningful learning both in our classrooms and through virtual learning experiences.

We know that as students learn from home, whether through Canvas or SchoolsPLP, additional assistance may be needed. NKC Schools is committed to supporting families as we all take on a shared responsibility for our students’ learning this year.

For support or questions on Canvas, email canvassupport@nkcschools.org. Include your student’s ID number, your phone number, and a brief description of your issue.

For support or questions on SchoolsPLP, email schoolsplpsupport@nkcschools.org. Include your student’s ID number, your phone number, and a brief description of your issue.

This additional opportunity for support will be offered throughout the first week of school. The NKC Schools Help Desk will continue to be available throughout the school year. Email will be the preferred method of communication for all questions on virtual learning. More information and resources, including answers to common questions, are available at nkcschools.org/support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email with questions as they arise. NKC Schools is ready to ensure all families are supported as we begin another school year.

Canvas K-5 Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas For Parents Playlist


The playlist above is mentioned in the recording. Please refer to it for instructional videos on:

• Becoming a Parent Observer

• Setting Notifications

• Adding Additional Student to Your Parent Observer Account

Can more than one adult be a parent observer for same student?

Absolutely – multiple parents, grandparents, or any other adult you wish can be a parent observer. Just follow the same steps as you would for creating the first parent observer account. See playlist above.

What about if you have more than one kid to observe?

You can add multiple students to your parent observer account. See playlist above.

Class structure...in the spring, students received assignments to come in and complete, but no real online courses. Will students be in an online instruction environment similar to an online college course?

Instruction will be provided through pre-recorded focus lessons. Independent practice will follow each focus lesson, and students will provide the requested evidence of learning by submitting work in Canvas.

If a student goes back to face-to-face in 2021, will the teacher and classroom peers be the same classroom they can rejoin?

Typcially, the answer will be yes. If a parent of a virtual canvas student decides to return to in class instruction, the student will be placed with the classroom they had virtually. The exception to this would be a student that has been assigned to a teacher that is only teaching virtually. When this is the case, the student will join another section of the same grade level.

Is my child able to log on at any time, and do his assignments for the day, turn them in and wait for teacher feedback? Correct. A majority of the Canvas assignments will be asynchronous, meaning the student will watch a focus lesson to gain an understanding of the concept, and then they can complete the assignment. Keep in mind that students will have four core lessons each day, Monday-Thursday. Students will want to keep pace so they do not get too far behind. The teacher will provide feedback, but it may not be on every single assignment (which aligns with what would happen face-to-face).

Are PEGS students supposed to log into SAGE or their home school? Their Canvas courses will align with the teacher they are assigned to. So if your child is a PEGS student, the content in Canvas will automatically come from their PEGS teacher.

What email address is Canvas using for students? Email notifications for students will go to their NKC Schools email account. StudentID#@nkcschools.org – Push notifications go right to their iPad as banner notifications.

Are we supposed to use the iPad or our own computer? Can my student use a MacBook to log into Canvas to do work?

You are welcome to use any device you feel comfortable with. There may be times the student may have to use a specific iPad app to complete an assignment. However, for a majority of the lessons/assignments, any device would suffice.

Will Canvas tie in with PowerSchool?

Grades will be synced from Canvas back to PowerSchool. However, keep in mind the grade in Canvas will more than likely never be a mirrored refection in PowerSchool. Canvas reflects student learning; PowerSchool reflects student grades.

Will the assignments for each of the subjects come out at the beginning of the week or on a daily basis?

Assignments will be pushed out to students daily, four days a week. Friday will be used as a “catch-up” day for students to complete any unfinished assignments. Students may also be asked to join a live small group or have an individual conference with the teacher for reteaching of concepts that are difficult for them.

Will the students be on the same schedules at the same time as the other students? Or are they just working at their own pace?

Families may set up their student’s day to match that of the classroom if they wish. Typically, virtual students may join the optional live morning meeting to kick off their day. The remainder of the day’s schedule will depend on the family’s schedule. Over the course of two weeks, the teacher will schedule three live conferences with your student. We highly encourage this live opportunity to meet one-on-one or in small groups with the teacher.

Will we get an idea of this same information for kids in 6-8th grades?

All 6th-8th grade content will also come through Canvas. Teachers will provide feedback to students throughout the week. They will also host office hours, times where students may contact the teacher or join them live to ask questions and get clarification.

How many hours per day can I expect my child to be connected live?

This will vary by day. K-5 students will have the opportunity to join a live morning meeting. They will also have other opportunities throughout the week to have a live conference with the teacher. Teachers may also invite students to take part in live Number Talks during the week.

I cannot be with my child all day long as I am also working and teaching from home. What is the expectation?

We understand that balancing work and virtual learning is difficult. Because of this, we understand when virtual students are completing schoolwork at varying times in Canvas based on the home schedule. Elementary students will need the assistance of a responsible adult to navigate virtual learning simply due to their age. Of course, primary students will require more assistance than intermediate students.

Your PowerSchool Parent Portal

It is important to get into your Parent Portal. Here you will find grade card information each quarter and bus stop information.

If any of your personal information changes, such as a phone number or email - please notify the office as soon as possible, as this is how you receive our school phone messages and emails.

See photos below for how to navigate the district website to get to your parent portal.

I Need To Pick Up My Child Early - What Should I Do?

If you need to pick up your child early, please call us 15 minutes in advance so that we can call your child's classroom and give them time to gather their things and get to the office. Once you are here, we will meet you outside to sign your child out for their appointment.
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NKC Coronavirus Updates

District updates, including information about food pickup & delivery services, is available here:


The district website and social media pages will be the best source of district changes in the upcoming days/weeks, so please follow, as well as our Ravenwood pages, to keep informed.

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