What monkey lives in the understory of the rainforest and is the smallest monkey in the world? That’s right, the marmoset. Read on to find out about the appearance, prey, habitat, conservation status, and relatives of the marmosets.



What is the appearance of the marmoset? Marmosets are very small monkey’s. Marmosets are black and white ring tailed monkey, with fine silky fur, and no molar teeth. Marmosets are about the size of an adult's hand. The ears have white tufted fur. Their hands that have claws instead of fingernails, and they weighs only three ounces.

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Marmosets live in tropical regions of the world. Marmosets live in South America. This animal can be seen in, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Ecuador. They can be found in the understory of the rainforest of these countries. In Brazil they are known to make their home in the shrub forest.


Marmosets have a strange appetite for a monkey.The marmoset eats flowers, flower nectar, fruit, small snails, lizards, frogs, and tree gum. Tree gum is a type of juice out of a tree. Marmosets eat tree gum because tree gum has a lot of nutrients and is always available even in drought season. Reaching the tree gum from the tree they make a hole in the tree with their claws.


What are the relatives and enemies and conservation status of the marmoset? The relative of the marmoset is the tamarin. Marmosets and tamarins are the most intelligent monkeys of the species.The enemies of the marmoset include eagles, hawks, and wild cats that climb trees. Marmosets are not extinct or endangered, but the numbers are dwindling due to excessive pet trade.


Now you know the appearance,habitat, prey, enemies, relatives, and conservation status of the marmoset. Now you know about the marmosets. Visit a national zoo to see a marmoset.


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