By: Savannah Owens

Should schools discipline students for off-campus bullying?

It’s not the schools business on what's happening outside of school.

How would you like it if a school kept track of your social life outside of school? Weird right.

School’s are not allowed to discipline kids for off-campus cyber bullying. It takes away the students, 2nd Amendment, which is Freedom of Speech. If physical bullying happens out of school, the school is not allowed to step in. Now, if physical or cyber bullying happens in or on school property, yes the school is allowed, in fact pushed to step in right away. Once the school day is over and all the students go home, it’s the parent's job to watch over their son or daughter's cyber activity as well as physical, not the schools. The schools have no right to keep track of stuff like that.

If the school stands up for a student outside of school, it's not helping them stand up for themself.

When kids are young, they do things they know that they're not supposed to be doing. Peer pressure in other words, they think that if all of their friends are doing something, they should too. All kids do it, even some adults, there's no control. Kids will be kids, and try to act cool online. The only downside of that is, once they see one of their friends bullying someone online, they do it also. Cyber Bullying as you may know. But as teenagers, they should learn to deal with it on their own. Once the school steps in, they lose all control of the problem. If a student doesn't stand up for themselves and has someone else deal with it, they wont learn how to stop the problem, they might even get bullied even more.
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The school can't really punish someone for cyber bullying outside of school.

If the school was to punish someone for cyber bullying off campus, they would need more proof then messages or comments on a post. A lot of times it is the student actually behind the screen sending the messages to another student. But in other times, the "bully" could get hacked on facebook, or any other social media website. Or people will create a fake account to try and set up a "bully" so that person would get in trouble for saying mean things online to another student. When really they had no idea. The schools can not punish students without more proof. Someone should check the students phone, to see for sure.
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