Alice Mindi O'brien


About My Grandmother

My Grandmother's name is Alice , she was born on September 26, 1931 . She had two children Named Mindy and Johnathan. She lived in Georgia . She worked at a hospital as an administrator. She hasn't died yet so that's good

When she was nine Snow white was made, and bacon was on 32 cents a pound :O . Cars only cost 860.00 dollars that's amazing. Also and lastly houses only cost 3,600.00 only if houses still cost the same amount. Daily life for people was not the best in 1938, the great depression where hard times the. The great depression is when everything was low and not very much food and supplies to live. During the great depression it was probably hard to have regular daily things. The houses today cost 300,000.00 dollars compared to 3,900 dollars in 1938.

The first issue of the action comics came out. Ball point pens were introduced to america. The first photocopier was made, the book gone with the wind was published.

The first billboard magazine introduced the first pop music chart. And at the end of 1938 September 1, 1939 world war 2 had started

During The Forties

During the forties the great depression started to ease thankfully. The first Captain america comic was published in 1940. In 1945 World War 2 ended, Also we dropped the Atom bomb on the Japanese.