14-15 Data Day BOY

Using data to drive instruction

What does the data tell us to do?

Using Reading 3D, AIMs Web, and Reading BA screening to determine which students need intervention and which students need enrichment. Dig Deeper using diagnostic assessment results (CPS) to determine what intervention group students need. See Sells, Stevens, or Robinson for any students you have questions about.

Review of Instruction at EIES

Reading Tier 1

  • Core Instruction exposure to on Grade Level Content (Whole Group)
  • Small Groups- Differentiated Core (Daily 5/Guided Reading/BUILD/Focus Groups)

Reading/Math Tier 2

  • Focused Small Groups/Specific Intervention Time (Intervention Block)

Reading/Math Tier 3

  • Increased frequency, duration, or rigor of focused Small Groups/Specific Intervention Time (Intervention block, small groups, morning work)

The Psychology of Self-Motivation: Scott Geller at TEDxVirginiaTech

Progress Monitoring:

How do I fit it all in?

  • Reading 3D: used to see if interventions are working; Morning Work; Duration: 10 days for red students and 20 days for yellow students; 1 time between benchmarks for green students
  • Core Phonics: used to close gaps and increase foundational skills; Intervention block; weekly;
  • Core Instruction: used to monitor core (grade level) curriculum understanding; Core Reading Block (Small Group or Whole Group)

Anchor Activity:

  1. Create a Progress Monitoring Calendar- try to make it to your next assessment window

What are we doing to challenge our Enrichment groups?

How are we differentiating?

  • Content
  • Process
  • Product

Do students have DEPs?

  • How can we help students work toward their DEP?