English Comp. I

Fall 2013 Online


Welcome to English Composition I (ENGL 101A)! For some, this class can be bit scary because of our various (and sometimes less than positive) experiences when it comes to writing. I am here to encourage you!

Writing is like riding a bicycle. Remember when you first started riding, your balance was off and you needed training wheels? Then as you gained experience and confidence you started riding without training wheels and then with only one hand. Finally, do you remember when you reached true balance and experience that one warm summer day when you took the dare and rode without both hands or took your bike over more difficult terrain? Remember the freedom you had riding your bike? You felt like you could go anywhere and do anything!

I am offering you that same freedom when it comes to writing! It will open new doorways for you and the best part is, once you learn how to write well, it will stay with you for life! You may not ride your bike as often as you did in your youth but your body and muscles still remember how to balance and ride a bike if you decided to jump on one right now. When it comes to writing, you are training your brain and muscles to remember specific writing skills. Once you learn, you will remember them for life. Time and practice hones perfection and from those ideas comes the freedom of writing that takes you through the difficult terrain of college life and then career/professional writing. So, let’s begin riding/writing toward adventure and freedom!

Please begin by briefly introducing yourself to everyone in the Introductions forum. Next, please download and thoroughly read our Course Syllabus. After you've completed these tasks, you'll be ready to start Week 1.

Shanda Adams, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty