Andrei Chikatilo

By Jay Brown


Andrei Chikatilo was born October 16,1936 in Ukraine.His parents names was Anna Chikatilo and Roman Chikatilo. His nickname was the "Shelter Belt Killer". He grew up seeing kids get dismembered by the Nazis. During that time, the U.S.S.R joined world war 2 and the Ukraine people was bombed.
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Andrei didn't find interest at Moskew University, so he changed his career and became a school teacher in Rodionovo, Nesvetayevsky.
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Andrei chooses his young victims very precisely, by choosing the young girls, at a railroad station or bus depots. His victims were Lena Zakotnova
(female, 9)Larisa Tkachenko female 13 Lyubov Biryuk female 17 Oleg Pozhidayev (male, 9)Sergey Kuzmin (male, 15)Laura Sarkisyan (female, 15)
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Details of Crimes

He would first be friends with his victims and try to be very friendly with them, so he can take advantage of them. Andei will try to have sex with them and then dump them in the woods in a trsh bag.He had committed is first murder in 1978, when he had moved to Shakhty.
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Alexsandr Kravchenko was a 25 year old man that had a simpilar back ground. He was later arrested ands later it had confessed under stress. He was evetually executed. The cops thought they had ended the killing. 2 year later he started back. He was caught by a cop that thought his suit case looked weired so he looked into it and found ropes and knives. Andrei was then arrested and sent to jail for 3 months. He eventually got caught with same thing and when he got arrested he had confessed that he killed 52 people.
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A trial was held on April 14, 1992, where he was put into a iron cage, to keep him from harming anyone. The trial lasted for two months on October 15, 1992, where he was found guilty for murdering fifty-two out of fifty-three people.


The man was executed on February 14,1994, and he was killed in the back of the head, sixteen months later.