Ms. Selle's E-News

Busy Week!

Hi Parents:

This is a very busy week!

We are lucky to have York Soil and Water Conservation visiting us twice this week! On Monday, they will cover limiting factors in an ecosystem with us, and on Friday, they will provide owl pellets for us to dissect!

This is our week to go Kayaking. If you have not already done so, PLEASE send in your permission, and money. I sent a note with your child Friday if you still needed to send in either. Wednesdays weather looks perfect for a trip out on the kayak. It will be chilly in the morning and warm by the afternoon, so students will need to wear layers.

Please join us Thursday night for open house. This is a time for you to see how your child spends their day. Please remember it is not a time for conferences due to lack of privacy. If you would like a conference, please let me know.


Math - We have wrapped up division and we are starting our unit on Algebra.

Science - As mentioned above, we have our guest speaker and finishing up ecosystems.

SS - We are learning how the Transcontinental Railroad affected settling the west.

Word Study - We were FINALLY able to begin word study. Please understand this IS NOT spelling, but the study of word patterns. Your child has been placed in a needs based group. These groups are fluid and will change. Your child can explain our sorts and activities to you!

Reading - Current mini lessons include vocabulary study, questioning and analogies.

Writing - We are studying sentence structure - complete, compound and complex sentences.