Prendiville Catholic College

9 December 2016

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I have just returned home from our special Christmas music evening held in the Redmond Theatre. The evening of magnificent music certainly reminded me that Christmas time is here. The Christmas music was simply stunning and a perfect way to conclude our year and get that special feeling that Christmas is close.

Like me, I’m sure you’re all very excited by the wonderful season that is Christmas. Our children and staff deserve a well-earned break from study, they have all been superstars this year. Christmas is a time filled with hope, joy and optimism.

Congratulations and well done to everyone in our learning community for a very positive year. It certainly has gone quickly. It is hard to believe that this is now my second year at Prendiville and as I get to know more and see more about our College I continue to grow in pride and awe of it more and more each day.

My focus areas this year have been Academic Performance, Student Pathways and Pastoral Care structures. I am pleased with developments in all these areas as we move into our 2017 academic year.

In regard to academic performance I am pleased initiatives, in particular our student mentor system, has resulted in significant improvement in our graduation rate to above the state average and a significant increase in our VET competency achievement rate. I look forward to sharing our WACE results with the community prior to the start of our new year. We are committed to engaging in initiatives and support for our students that builds a strong aspirational and goal oriented culture at Prendiville Catholic College. I want every student at Prendiville Catholic College to graduate with the best possible opportunities presented to them. High academic performance, no matter the pathway a student chooses, opens up opportunities for our students.

In 2017 we will have three pathways to WACE for our students. Our unique FlexED pathway to be pioneered in 2017 in Year 11 will have students run a real enterprise at the College.

Our pastoral care system will be provided leadership under the direction of the Director of Mission and Identity. This will see a large pastoral team based in the Prendiville Centre inclusive of House Coordinators, Psychologist, LEAD Counsellor, Chaplains and Nurse provide a strong team approach to proactive pastoral care at the College.

2017 certainly has been a big year with lots of activities and events to celebrate learning and to acknowledge our 30th year. Some of our community highlights included:

The large 30 on our oval made up of all students and staff will be an iconic image forever.

The Prendiville Plunge was simply amazing and I am not sure if we will ever see such an incredible event in a school ever again. The Plunge was unique, challenging and will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

The aCROSS the World Project has been very special and you are now connected to over 70 schools across the world by this project. This number will grow to over 200 by the time the project finishes.

The 2016 Redmond Prendiville Awardee was Amanda Odina. Amanda is a student who truly does exhibit the three qualities of an exemplary Prendivillian - To Lead with Confidence, Serve with Pride and to Inspire to impact the lives of others in a positive way. These are ideals that we are all challenged to aspire to. It was pleasing that 41 students were nominated this year for the Redmond Prendiville Award.

In 2017 we were all asked to be FACE of Prendiville. The words fortitude, accountability, creativity and excellence have echoed around our College all year. Next year there will be a sequel to FACE with a new word to give us focus and direction. Our sequel to FACE has been inspired by a Year 7 student and the student leaders for 2017 have provided suggestions for our action words. I look forward to sharing our new word and action words with everyone when we return in 2017.

Finally, I acknowledge staff who leave us at the end of year. Thank you to the following staff for their achievement and contribution to Prendiville Catholic College:

Mrs Samantha Thompson

Mrs Sherilee Grayson

Mrs Julie Davis

Mrs Vanessa Lyon

Mrs Nastassia Carter

Mrs Melissa Marshall

Ms Annalisa Sorgiovanni

Mr Andrew Rasano

Ms Bianca Marshall

Mr Aaron D’Souza

Mrs Helen Carey

Mrs Judith Robertson

Mrs Olivia Green

Ms Jessie Barker

Mr Leon D’Audretsch

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year. I am looking forward to supporting you all in 2017 to SEE MORE, KNOW MORE and BE MORE.

For your children

Mark Antulov



The Principal, School Board & Parents & Friends Association

cordially invite all parents and friends to the

Combined Annual General Meeting

of the School Board at 7.00pm and P & F Association at 7.30pm

on Monday 13 February 2017

in the Prendiville Centre

Please enter the school via Constellation Drive for this occasion.

Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the meetings.

2017 P&F Nominations

Our active P&F invites Parents and Friends of Prendiville Catholic College to join the P&F Committee. This Committee meets once a month and drives our College community building events. All are welcome. Please email P&F President Denny Piovesan on to register your interest.

2017 School Board Nominations

Nominations are called for Parents, Guardians and Alumni to be part of the Prendiville Catholic College Board. In 2017 two places are available due to members retiring.

If you are interested and would like to serve the community, please contact Mrs Heather Downsborough to make an appointment with Mark Antulov to discuss the role, commitment and responsibilities.


In 2017 Prendiville Catholic College will again be welcoming applications for the Health Care/Pension Card Tuition Discount Scheme. We are pleased to advise that commencing from now, applications for 2017 can be made at our Finance Office.


Eligible cards must be in the name of the parent/guardian responsible for the payment of fees and list children covered by the card. A card in the name of the student is not eligible.

The following cards are NOT eligible:

DVA TPI & Gold, White or Orange Pensioner Concession Cards

Commonwealth & DVA Seniors Health Care Card

Carer Allowance Health Care Card

Mobility Allowance Health Care Card

Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care Card

Foster Child Health Care Card

ABSTUDY students who access alternative government support.


Applications need to be made every year. All applicants must bring their current Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card in person to our Finance Office. Once deemed eligible, claimants will be asked to complete an application form.

Please note: In order to continue to qualify for the Health Care Card Tuition Fee Discount for all of 2017, parents/guardians must provide a valid card throughout the year. If you are not re-issued with a card or do not provide the new card when requested then your account may be adjusted accordingly.

The Finance Office will be open 8.00am to 4.00pm weekdays until 15 December 2016.


Forms are also available for the Secondary Assistance Scheme. To be eligible for this allowance, your Health Care/ Pension Card must be valid at some point between 1 February and 7 April 2017. This provides families with a Clothing Allowance of $115 paid directly to their nominated bank account. PLEASE BRING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS.


Applications close 7 April 2017.


The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, concluding recently on 20 November, was a source of creative reflection and inspiration for CEWA schools, as they joined the worldwide church in celebrating the holy year.

While schools and colleges of the Mercy Tradition organised pilgrimages and students and staff system-wide took part in service activities, Prendiville Catholic College TIDE (Technology, Industry, Design & Enterprise) students undertook a uniquely far-reaching project. The students put their glass-working skills, and their rate of production, to the test with their aCross the World initiative; with a goal of sending a hand-made, fused-glass cross to a Catholic school in every country of the world. The crosses were intended to be received and displayed as a symbol of God’s universal mercy and a sign of solidarity and connection between Catholic school students that transcended physical distances.

One cross was given to Sr Margaret McInerney to carry to a school in Kenya. It was decided that the cross would go to Matuu Primary School, located in a rural market town, and the oldest school in its area. Sr McInerney presented the cross to the Head Teacher during a celebration held by the school community. It was blessed by the parish priest, and will be displayed publicly at the school along with a written explanation of the Jubilee of Mercy connection shared between the two schools. Matuu Primary School were also presented with a framed photograph of the student who created their cross handing it to Sr McInerney for delivery.


The second phase of the aCross the World project is now underway!!

The packing of crosses for shipment to nominated schools began this week. The glass studio has been busy with students volunteering to fold boxes and pack the crosses ready for posting.

The timeline for project completion will extend to the end of Term 1 2017. Selected schools are being contacted this week and as they confirm acceptance of invitation to receive a cross it will be posted. We will hold off posting until after the Christmas post rush is over.


A big thank you to all our Prendiville Catholic College community who participated in this year’s St Vinnies Christmas Appeal.

St Vinnies will distribute these goods to families around Perth who are in need this Christmas.

Well done everyone, Prendiville certainly has a big heart.


Our Year 7 students concluded their foundation year at Prendiville Catholic College by participating in a one day retreat last Friday Dec 2nd. The Houses were split over two venues with a focus on ‘Stewards of Creation’. The Year 7 cohort took time to reflect on the Gift of Creation that has been given to them, and the importance of being ‘Good Stewards’ in a modern world.

The Retreat was facilitated by a Perth based group named 24/7 School Ministry. Our students were fortunate enough to have Year 11 and Year 12 students from surrounding Catholic schools provide support and insight in assisting with the facilitation of this day.

Thank you to the College staff for also playing their part in this experience.


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Our annual Year 9 Italian outing to the Laguna Veneto Bocce Club took place last Thursday 1 December. A day spent immersed in all things Italian. The weather was perfect, the club members extremely kind and welcoming, and, by the sounds of the comments below, the students had a (Bocce) ball.

I enjoyed meeting all the members there and learning about their backgrounds. Sophia Foot

I thought the activities we did in our groups were fun and engaging and the extra bonus of prizes made it even more enjoyable. Sarah Curran

I wish we could have “versed” more teams at Bocce, as I was really good at it after I’d warmed up! Amelia Short

The club’s members were gorgeous. Gino was the best Bocce coach. Gemma Boothroyd

I found learning about the club’s history really interesting. Kaelena Smith

I had a fabulous time and I’d recommend that the Yr 9s next year go as well, as I know they’d enjoy the experience just as much as we did. Grazie Prof Green & Prof O’Donnell for organizing the day. It was great! Jade McManus

We played Bocce for about 45 minutes and although I was very bad at it, it was really fun to play. Martina Veneracion

We had pasta al ragù and it was delicious. Almost everyone had seconds! Rhiannon Burgess

I love playing the Italian card game, Scopa. I wish we could have played for longer! Olivia Kelly

I’d love to go again! Sahira Spaini

The members made playing bocce look way too easy, but it was difficult. The more I practiced though, the better I got at playing it. Brett Harman

The club members tried hard to help us with the Italian activities. You could tell they really enjoyed having us there and sharing the Italian culture with us. Alyssa Woods

We all got involved and made the most of the day. Emma Bogdanich

Overall, the day was an experience that I will never forget. Miguel Da Cunha

I had a great time playing with my team & winning the Bocce tournament. Kai Blockley

It was definitely a highlight of the year for me. Taylah Pigdon

Our day was filled with the passion of the staff and the club members. Callum Cawley

It was a pretty cool day. I was really surprised. I’d give it 5 stars! Thomas Wilding

We got to play in one of only four ‘bocciodromi’ in Perth, learn all about the sport and watch national champions play. Julia Hanlon


The Italian Department is looking for a family (or two) to host an Italian University graduate in Term 2, 2017. These graduates (known as assistente) work with the teachers of Italian and help students in the classroom. In return, we offer them board and lodging for free. Some of the conditions of the host family are:

1. make contact with the Assistente before their arrival to introduce themselves and confirm arrival times etc.

2. be prepared to host the Assistente up to one (1) week before the commencement of the term and up to one (1) week after the end of the term;

3. collect the Assistente from the airport;

4. provide free accommodation, including all main meals, use of laundry facilities, etc.

5. be extremely clear with house rules and expectations. As there is no remuneration for the Host Family, the Assistente must agree to help around the home, in acknowledgement of food and board, for four (4) hours per week with duties such as babysitting, cooking, tutoring of the Host Family’s child/children, gardening, etc. This needs to be agreed on at the start of the stay (within 3 days of arrival) and both parties must feel comfortable with the conditions;

6. provide assistance in locating and accessing day-to-day services such as purchasing SIM cards and/or opening a bank account, visiting the doctor, sourcing maps and brochures, understanding the transport system/timetables, smartrider, etc.

7. take a little time to show the Assistente some of the sights of Perth and its surroundings - e.g. King’s Park, Fremantle, National Parks, tourist attractions, etc.

8. treat the Assistente as an adult member of the household, including them in normal activities;

9. return the Assistente to the airport at the conclusion of their stay, unless they are extending, in which case the Assistente should make their own arrangements.

We have hosted some very lovely young people in the past and look forward to doing so again. This opportunity is open to any families of Prendiville Catholic College, not only students of Italian, however it is a fantastic opportunity for a family of an upper school Italian student to have a free tutor to call upon. It is also possible for two families to share the hosting (5 weeks each).

Please note these assistente are young adults (mid 20s) and therefore there is not the expectation of duty of care as there would be with a teenage exchange student.

Please contact Paula O’Donnell ( for further information or to express interest.


Over the course of this year, 16 Year 11 and 16 Year 12 students have been busy preparing for the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup held every year in Melbourne. Up to 3 training sessions a week, plus plenty of scratch matches, are all done so the students can compete against the best volleyball schools in Australia and New Zealand. With over 500 teams from 133 schools, this event is described as ‘the biggest school sporting event in the southern hemisphere’.

Over the course of 6 days, from 4 - 9 of December, each team will play approximately 9 games against opposition of the same age and skill level, with the finals being held on the last Friday. As of writing this, both the Year 12 boys and girls team are still in medal contention. Unfortunately, the Year 11 boys and girls team are out of finals contention but they have played some terrific volleyball throughout the first three days. The students have displayed fantastic behaviour and attitude throughout their time over here and the Year 12 students must be commended for being terrific role models for the younger students.

A huge thank you to the staff members and ex-students that travelled with the group to coach, manage and care for the students. Jason Todd, Renea Mayer, Sharon Seaman, Sophie Barrett and Tom Hopes have done a tremendous amount of work before and during the tournament to ensure the students are well-cared for and prepared for the gruelling and long six days of the tournament. Thank you also to the companies that have sponsored us and assisted the families in some of the expenses associated with the trip – Zarraffa’s Coffee Currambine, Joondalup Plumbing Services, The Breakwater Hillarys, Advanced Linemarking Company, Jim’s Pool Care, MPM-21, McDonald’s Beldon, and Torq Software.

If you would like to see the results online, then go to and click on the results link.

Ryan Lockyer

Tour Coordinator


Opening Hours

Please note a change to the Library Opening hours for 2017 as follows…

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7.30–5.30pm

Friday: 7.30am –4.00pm

Recess and Lunch every day

Holiday Reading

Don’t forget to organise your holiday reading as soon as possible! We have many new print titles available for loan from the Library, as well as new Wheelers eBooks waiting to be borrowed via the staff/student dashboard.

Thank you for your continued support during 2016. Wishing a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Library staff.


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Welcome to our final TechSpot for 2016. This section of our newsletter is for students and staff to share tips, tricks, ideas and apps to do with technology at Prendiville.

This week, some strategies on what to do with your iPad over break!

1. Clean that thing out

Before you even do a back up, do a cleaning spree. Remove all photos you no longer need, remove any personal information and aim to back up only the important stuff.

2. Back up using OneDrive and your free 1TB of storage

You can use your school account to back up your documents – send them all to OneDrive using the ‘open in another app’ feature. Anything you create in Word, Powerpoint or other Microsoft app is automatically saved to your OneDrive. Archive this information for next year and, once you have received your 2017 timetable, make new folders for each of your subjects so you are ready to go.

3. Consider what you need in 2017

The 2017 App List and booklists are now out so you can check your iPad and remove anything that you don’t need from it. Download all apps before the start of the new school year and set your new timetable from SEQTA Learn as your background. Check to see where you need to subscribe to get new copies of textbooks and purchase a new, sturdy case for your iPad that protects the screen, back and corners. Also... do you need a new iPad? Make sure it meets the minimum specifications and is ready to go before the first day of school!

Visit for more tips and tricks.

A reminder that iPad Help will be offered to parents and students before Term 1 2017 begins – see the poster below.

Thank you to all staff and students of Prendiville for your encouragement and active participation in the iPad and mobile learning programmes at the College since 2013. This is my final newsletter article as eLearning Coordinator and as a member of staff, and I appreciate the incredible support I have received over this time.

All the best for 2017.

Mrs Melissa Marshall

eLearning Coordinator

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Wednesday 1 February School commences for Year 7’s and new students

Thursday 2 February Whole school commences.

Friday 3 February Year 12 Dinner Dance.

Monday 6 February Year 12 Parent Information Night

Wednesday 8 - Friday 10 February Year 7 Camp



For all youth in Years 6-12

Remaining dates for this term: 11 Dec

6-8pm @ St Simon Peter Parish meeting room

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information call Paul 0430 636 274 or Amanda 0421 144 992


All games are played on a Saturday in Woodvale and training is at Kingsbridge Park in Butler. Registrations will be held in January dates yet to be confirmed, but please if you are interested, visit our website and complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form this will then secure you a spot, and registrations when available will be posted.

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St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish ,Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sun - 9.30am

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