Raleigh Hills Newsletter

November 1, 2019

Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Families and Community,

We write this note as teachers are preparing grades, organizing for conferences, and collaborating in teams. The newsletter this week is filled with pictures that will hopefully give you a glimpse into the amazing learning opportunities that our community experiences.

Immediately below this note, you will see one picture from Mrs. Gerde's kindergarten class looking for pumpkins in the garden as well as some pictures from the Harvest Parties. Thank you to parents and staff for making these celebrations so memorable. Also a huge thank you to our amazing custodians, Chris and Val, for helping with spaces and post-party clean ups.

Parent Coffees will be held this Monday at 8:30 (English) and 9:00 (Spanish). We hope to see you!

Warm regards,

Jennifer and Lindsay

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Celebrating RH Student Learning

8th Grade Experience Favorite Memories

The food and the hikes were very fun. The 5 hour hike was so beautiful and interesting, probably my favorite memory.

Looking at the stars at night and being able to see so many.

My favorite memory from 8th grade experience is probably the night hike. Because it was so dark, everyone was holding on to each other and laughing and it was just really fun. Also, it was very peaceful to have the five minutes of silence staring up at the stars before our astronomy study.

I loved being with everyone in a different setting than school, I also liked going on the long hike.

My favorite memory was from the camp fire cause everyone was together and laughing and just having a good time overall.

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Solar Ovens with Mrs. Kellogg's Class

Students worked in teams of three or four students to design and build two solar ovens. They identified one independent variable to change between the two ovens while keeping the rest of the ovens the same. The students conducted an investigation measuring the change in temp in both ovens to see which oven was more efficient.

The purpose of the lab was to:

1) conduct and design an experiment

2) observe how energy is transferred

3) record and display data using a line graph

4) use scientific tools properly (infrared thermometer)

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Math Lesson Studies

This week we were fortunate to have our math TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) do lesson studies in each grade level while grade level teams were able to step back and learn from the students and Mrs. G. Students demonstrated the value of sticking with one problem and really diving into different strategies solving multi-step real life challenges. Some of the questions we frequently heard Mrs. G ask students were:

How do you know _____________?

How can we figure out ___________ ?

Where did you see _________?

Make sure I understand ____________

What is something you already know about the problem?

As we've written about in prior newsletters, it is a huge shift in our practices as we work with our young mathematicians to develop their mathematical communication and strategies.

KGW story about Music Workshop at Raleigh Hills



Parent Coffees on Monday

Please join us on Monday. We hope to ask your thoughts about future agendas for coffees as we move forward in the school year.

8:30: Coffee in English

9:00: Coffee in Spanish

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Lockdown and Lockout

This linked information was put in the Beaverton School District Briefs, and we wanted to include the information here as well.

You’ve heard the terms “lockdown” and “lockout.” While the two terms sound somewhat similar, they mean very different things. It can help ease your anxiety as a parent to know the difference.

In addition to practicing fire drills and earthquake drills, we front load students about practicing these drills and when they will be in order to prepare students .

Annual Parent Notice to Request Teacher Qualification

We are asked to share the Annual Parent Notice to Request Teacher Qualification with families this month. You may find these letters below.

Our school receives federal funds for programs that are part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended (2015). Based on current education law, teachers must have earned State certification and licensure. State certification and licensure is the training required to be a teacher. The letter below provides more information.

Parent Right To Know (English)
Parent Right to Know (Spanish)

Right to Request Teacher Qualifications Letter

Picture Day Retakes

Picture retake day is November 5th. Students need to bring their packet to have retakes. The photographers will be here from 8:30-10:30. 6th graders will have their entire grade level photographed first at 8:30 since they were at Outdoor School during the previous session.

Lost and Found

Parent volunteer, Cecily Au, will be helping organize clothing next week. In the future if parents/guardians label clothing with names and grade levels, parents can contact them. All clothing in the Lost and Found will be donated after conferences next week.

Book Fair

--Nov 7 open during conferences

--Nov 12- 15 Open to students during library periods

Parent may visit Book Fair with children after school between 3:15-4:30.

Students will visit the book fair during their class's library specials period or a scheduled class time during school hours.

Shop now with the online book fair. All purchases are shipped home. It's a great opportunity to purchase gifts for the holidays. Share the online fair link with family and friends.

Families can set up an ewallet with a spending limit, so students don't need to bring cash to school. Visit the book fair link to learn how.

PS-- we need volunteer help, please sign up with the school's volunteer ap.


Erica Moore, RH Librarian


We're looking forward to meeting with parents/guardians at scheduled times on Wednesday evening or Thursday. If you haven't already signed up, please contact the teacher directly for the Sign Up Genius link. If you need help, please contact the main office.

--Wednesday, November 6th (4:00-8:00pm)

--Thursday, November 7th (8:00-8:00pm)


Options Program

Raleigh Hills Option Information Night will be held on November 13th from 6:00-7:30!

The application window for the District’s full day options programs & schools is now open. The application window closes Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4pm. To learn more about full day, partial day and revolving options programs in the District, visit the Learning Options webpage. We also have a calendar of open houses on the full day options program webpage.

Application are available here.

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PTO Opportunities

Thank you Room Parents and parent helpers for successful Harvest Parties. I'm sure teachers appreciate your awesomeness!

Volunteer Opportunities for November:

11/5 Picture Retakes and 6th Grade Picture Day Picture retakes

11/6 Book fair setup Book Fair Setup

11/12-13 Book fair Book Fair

I'm starting new volunteer appreciation programs: Volunteer Shout Out and Lucky Volunteer. Watch for details in next week's newsletter!

Lisa Marquoit

Volunteer Coordinator, Raleigh Hills K-8