South Korea

BY: Ryan And Brothacaffey

Geography of South Korea

South Korea takes up the southern half of the Korean peninsula. Bordering western coast is the yellow sea. Bordering the southern coast is the Korean strait bordering the eastern coast is the sea of japan. Mountain extended down the eastern and south central religions. Lowlands make up the western coast.

South Korean Major Landmarks

South Korea land of the morning calm."seoul"stands as the capital of the 2nd largest city in the world located on the southern half of the korean penninsula. South Korea covers a land area of 100,32 square kilometers.


Major Religion in South Korea

South Korea is country where all the worlds major religions Christianity, Buddism, Confuciasm, Islam and Shamanism.

Cultural Tradition

Koryo and Chosen were the last two Korean immigrants and their descendants in Russia, Japan and China. Since ancient times the Korean people have maintained belief that food and medicine have the same origin.The language of south Korea is the Altaic and 45 million people speak this language and was created by king Sejong in 1446.

Government of South Korea

The republic of Korea commonly known as South Korea or the republic is an East Asia country on the southern half of the Korean peninsula to the north it is borders by North Korea.They have Democracy in south Korea.

Current events in South Korea

South Korea soldiers fired warning shots at a patrol from North Korea to turn it back from the two sides border a South Korean defense ministry. They also fired 20 shots for warning to North Korea official said Monday February 20, 2015