States Facts

New Jersey,Michigan,California

New Jersey


Nickname:The Garden State

Date of Statehood:December 18,1787

State Flower:Violet

State Bird:American Goldfinch

State Tree:Northern Red Oak

Interesting Facts:21 counties and 566 municipalities;24 historic sites;127 miles of coastline on The Atlantic Ocean

Tourist Attractions:Worlds Largest Light Bulb;U.S.S Ling WWII sub.;Mighty Joe The Gorilla



Nickname:Wolverine State/Great Lakes State

Date of Statehood:January 26,1837

State Flower:Apple Blossom

State Bird:American Robin

State Tree:White Pine

Interesting Facts:The name Michigan is derived from the Indian words"Michi-gama" meaning large lakes.;Michigan was admitted to the Union in 1836, the 26th state.;The largest city is Detroit.



Nickname:"The Golden State"

Date of Statehood:September 9,1850

State Flower:California poppy

State Bird:California Valley Quail

State Tree:California Redwood

Interesting facts:The biggest inland port in the world is the San Francisco Bay;More turkeys are raised in California than in any other state.

Tourist Attractions:San Diego Zoo;Six Flag Magic Mountain/Hurricane Harbor;Sea World,San Diego

By: Maria Jaramillo