By Jared Henley


The summery of the book speak is gloomy. So first the main character named Malinda is starting school it seems that shes in 9th or 10th grade and before the school year started there was a party and the host of the party was a kid named Andy Evans and Andy raped her so she told and rewind the party so she now starts off school with now one that likes her and shes getting picked on and bullied and now her best friend that was helping her nice to her going places with her and even kept her safe was now the biggest bully and she cant tell anyone because no one will believe her and no one will talk to her so shes all alone and shes to scared to talk to her parents about it so she comes home and dose nothing besides cry and sit up stairs and things that dont realy have to do with the book and at the end she finally speaks up but now her best friend is now dating the kid who raped her so its even harder to tell any one and the only person who she is willing to talk to is heather.


character analyis

The character is pretty gloomy a loner she has no hobbies heather used to be her friend nobody likes her relay boring and dearest. "Dad is really pissed when he sees how many calender's i bled on". She starts getting to here things about how to relive stress so she started to cut.



The theme is to not mess with people unless u know what they are going through .because if new what happened they would not have bullied her.

textual evedince

My top favorite quotes in the book speak are "we expect more from you."a girl with white blond hair bursts into tears i love you Angela."I will be known for that girl that got nailed by potatoes on the first day of school."what are you thirteen? fourteen? this one was my favorite because you find out how old she is and its really crazy because i'm really close to that age,while all this is going on in the book.

conflict and resalotion

So the conflict of the book is that shes gets rapped before a party by a kid named Andy, he hosted the party . So she told, now the conflict in the book is the bullying she gets bullied every day in school and she cant tell anyone . Her best friend dose not like her now, wont talk to her . Her ex best friend is dating the kid that rapped her. she cant even tell her dad or mom what happened at the end she finally tells a teacher and every one her friend brakes up with Andy. and the quote "Let me tell you about it"

Book review

What I thought about the book was that it had lots of things that happened in the real world. like the bullying and the reaping and how no one would talk to her in school. like how friends will change to just hang out with people that have cooler clothes. Theirs also people that have things going on,that they cant tell just like Malinda.It shows what people with depression and that get bullied go through in life. Out of five i would rate this book a 4 out five.
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Really Emotional all the time.

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